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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Carlos issues BIG warning about “fake housemates”

He is very wary about one contestant in particular.
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It’s surprise week in the Big Brother house and the housemates have been constantly on their toes as the games master throws more and more curve balls their way. 

While last night saw a double fake eviction, tonight’s nominees weren’t so lucky; Carlos Castro was the latest victim of the housemate cull, saying his final goodbyes to the competition. 

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After “act dumb, play smart” Tilly won tonight’s nominations challenge, the 21-year-old student nominated threat Jess, safe vote Charlotte, and ball of positivity Carlos, for elimination. Her reasoning behind the three choices was very strategic indeed, the student using the “eenie meenie miney mo” method to make her selections. 

Once the three nominated housemates were announced, plenty of hail mary strategies were thrust around in an attempt to either prolong or disturb established alliances.

From their hideaway in the attic, mother-figures Sarah Jane and Mary managed to convince Sid to rally contestants to keep Jess in the competition. As a result, Carlos sadly got eliminated. 

When it comes to his Big Brother experience, Carlos confesses that there were a lot of things we didn’t see on screen. 

big brother carlos
Carlos’ Big Brother journey is over, but he confesses there’s a lot we missed out on seeing. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I have to admit, a lot of the stuff they didn’t show.” Carlos tells New Idea. “I wanted them to show more about strategy.”

Nevertheless, the 39-year-old teacher from Colombia is happy that viewers at least got to see his positive energy and that he got to represent his Latin-American community on the TV screen. 

“You see my dancing and my love for coffee and I enjoy life as much as I can. That’s a big message for everyone.”

And yet, underneath that ball of energy, the 39-year-old was hiding quite the secret while residing in the new and improved Big Brother house. 

big brother carlos marley
Carlos made close bonds with Marley (right), Melissa, Sarah Jane and Sid, but had his guard up around one particular housemate. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I was so sick. Just look at my face.” the evicted housemate tells us. He goes on to explain that the forced change in diet – i.e. consuming all those cans of tuna – and lack of coffee resulted in him coming down with an illness, even though we weren’t privy to it. “They didn’t put that in” Carlos says. 

Despite making strong connections with Melissa, Sarah Jane, Sid, Marley and more, Carlos confesses that, during his final days, he was “in the middle of two big groups”.

“I needed to pick a side,” Carlos says. “So I was choosing between side A and side B”. He clarifies that, at this point, he thought Sarah Jane was gone and Katie was so close with Jess that he decided to form an alliance with Melissa. But, sadly, he didn’t have time to form a close connection with the nominator Tilly before she put him up for eviction.

And she wasn’t the only one he struggled to get to know. There was one housemate in particular that the teacher didn’t gel with. And, no, it’s not “public enemy one” Daniel – as evicted contestant Michael deemed him.

“I didn’t match with certain personalities” Carlos dishes. “I tried, but I’m not close with Ari. I didn’t really have a connection with him.”

Ari Kimber big brother
“I tried, but I’m not close with Ari. I didn’t really have a connection with him.” Carlos reveals. (Credit: Channel Seven)

It was, of course, revealed tonight that “master manipulator” Ari has been well and truly pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, telling contestants what they want to hear… even if it means omitting the truth. Tonight in the diary room, the law student even confessed to Big Brother that “in this game, in order to get people to trust you, you have to lie your brains out.”

But while Ari may be successfully fooling most of his housemates, Carlos claims he can spot fakeness from a mile away.

The 39-year-old explains that some people are “completely different” to what we have seen so far, and this will be proven in the upcoming episodes. 

“I discovered someone that was really fake,” Carlos tells New Idea. While the Colombian refuses to reveal exactly who isn’t who they say they are, he explains he had no qualms informing his fellow housemates of the pretender.

“I say to everyone, ‘be careful of this person, they’re fake’. But, sadly, people said ‘I don’t believe you’ and I said ‘OK, you will see’.”

Despite his warnings, the housemates still sent Carlos packing. “They put me out and you will see in the next couple of episodes that this person is exactly who I say.” 

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