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The viral cleaning hacks to make your bathroom smell AMAZING

Super easy hacks that make all the difference.

Smells in the bathroom are a very common issue in many households.. and for obvious reasons. 

A recent Instagram video by cleaning enthusiast Carolina McCauley went viral. She showed the world some super easy and quick bathroom cleaning hacks that will change your life. 

WATCH NOW: IKEA bathroom caddy hack. Article continues after video.

How to make your bathroom smell nice

(Credit: Instagram)

Deodorise your bin with essential oils

The first hack is VERY simple but makes all the difference when trying to make your bathroom smell nice.

All you have to do is put a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a couple of cotton balls and place these balls in the base of your bathroom bin, underneath the bin bag. 

This will deodorise any bad smells from your bin and will keep the area smelling fresh and clean.

(Credit: New Idea)

Use essential oils

This hack is also very simple and is mainly a tip for deodorising the room.

Place a few drops of an essential oil of your choice onto the inside of your paper towel roll. The oil with soak into the carboard and will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean until the roll runs out. 

Then, when you replace the toilet roll, add some more essential oils and your bathroom will never smell!

(Credit: Instagram)

Disinfect your toilet brush

The toilet brush often goes unnoticed and is where bad smells typically originate, so it is very important to clean and disinfect your brush regularly. This hack is so easy it can be done daily if you want to!

Begin by propping the toilet brush under the toilet seat, then pour over boiling water and spray the bristles with disinfectant. Leave the brush propped under the toilet seat to air dry.

(Credit: Instagram)

To keep the brush cleaner, for longer, put toilet cleaner in the base of the brush holder to keep odours away. 

(Credit: Instagram)

Clean your bathroom sink

Drains are the MAIN cause of bad smells and cleaning your sink regularly is one of the most important things you can do for a clean and fresh smelling bathroom (or kitchen).

Scoop baking soda and pour vinegar down your sink and leave for about five minutes. Then, run your hot water tap so rinse the sink and the inside of your drain. 

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