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New Idea: 6WFHC – Zoe and My Journey

The Brisbane Mum tells New Idea why she is taking part in the 6-week family health challenge
Leonie, Zoe and Trudie
Leonie, Zoe and Trudie are all taking part in the New Idea 6-week Family Health Challenge
Richard Whitfield

“I decided to travel back to WA where I grew up and I was contemplating moving there. About a month later, Zoe called me with her health news, the Dr’s were worried something was up with her liver. Over the next couple of weeks, I realised I couldn’t settle so far away from her and made arrangements to return to Brisbane. I moved in with her temporarily at the beginning of March 2018. 

She was desperate to lose weight. I’d never seen her so big or so unhappy. With the Doctors warnings that she had to lose weight or go on meds we knew we needed to take some big action. Zoe did some research and came across Joe Cross who was the juice guru of Australia. We decided to take on a 7-day juice cleanse. 

It was the hardest thing I’d ever done, but I wanted to walk the journey, make the juices, and encourage Zoe the best way that I could. On day 2 we both looked and felt dreadful. Headaches pumped away and we just lay on the lounge groaning. Zoe said ‘we have to watch more documentaries to get through this’ so we did. It became empowering. 

On day 3 we had enough energy to begin exercising, around a bush track beside her unit and also going to the swimming pool to do laps. By day 5 we felt fantastic. The juicing was getting easier, we ploughed through mountains of carrots, cucumbers and celery and every afternoon made a treat juice of pineapple, apple, kiwi fruit and mint (our Pina Colada)! 

Leonie, Zoe and Trudie
Leonie, Zoe and Trudie are all taking part in the New Idea 6-week Family Health Challenge (Credit: Richard Whitfield)

We also talked a lot about what was going on in our bodies, our lives, our hearts. Zoe and I began to really bond again and sharing this unique experience was having a big impact on us. By the end of the 7 days Zoe had lost 5kgs. She was ecstatic. I think I lost about 2 to 3 kgs, I felt trimmer that’s for sure. We tried to stick to a plant-based diet as much as possible but it was hard. 

We later decided to do another 7-day juice cleanse. This time was definitely a little easier because we knew what to expect, the incredible lethargy and detoxing, the listlessness and headaches, then finally the vibrant energy that filled us again from day 5.

Then Zoe called me to say she had been accepted into the New Idea 6-week Family Health Challenge. I was so happy for her! Then she said ‘there’s only one problem, I need family to do it with’. Of course, I would do anything to help Zoe continue to lose weight and stay committed. In fact, during the New Idea 6-week Challenge Zoe sent me a beautiful text telling me I’ve always been there for her and how much she appreciated me – best message ever!

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to participate with the New Idea 6-week Family Health Challenge and to say a huge thank you to all involved!”

Vegetable juice cleanse
(Credit: Getty Images)

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