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The 6 luckiest Zodiac signs this month

It’s Leo season.
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With the confident Leo season in full swing, you might feel like anything is possible right now.

But, according to Astrology experts, some signs will have much better luck achieving their goals this month than others.

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Here are six signs that will be luckiest this August.

As for the rest of you, avoid walking under ladders and breaking mirrors, you know, all that stuff.

Aries queen Lady Gaga
Aries queen Lady Gaga (Credit: Getty)


According to Astrology writer Brittany Beringer, Aries have had a transformative time lately, mostly due to Chiron, the aspect of pain and healing, being in retrograde throughout July. 

However, towards the end of this month you should find your self-criticism fading away as the north node in Taurus silences those negative thoughts.

It’s pretty obvious HRM Elizabeth II is a Taurus.
It’s pretty obvious HRM Elizabeth II is a Taurus (Credit: Getty)


If you’re a Taurus that’s feeling a little unhinged at the moment, or at least more than normal, it could be because there’s a lot happening in your zodiac right now.

Passionate Mars is colliding with rebel Uranus, on top of this the north node of destiny is moving into your first house of self. It’s a lot but it’s actually a good thing. This triple conjunction will help you to feel more assertive and assist you in setting strong boundaries.

Look out for a strong rush of creative inspiration at the end of the month as we enter Virgo season.

If anyone needs luck right now it’s this Cancerian
If anyone needs luck right now it’s this Cancerian (Credit: Getty)


Ok Cancerians it’s time to bring out your hobbies because according to Beringer, “the cosmos are supporting your passions this month”.

Lucky Jupiter will combine with intense Mars to make you more inspired than ever.

What’s more, a conjunction between the sun and the lovely Venus will bring you luck in your finances and self-worth. Bring it on!

All the Leo energy
All the Leo energy (Credit: Getty)


Leo’s are laughing all the way to the bank this month, as your finances are blessed by the gods, or at least the stars.

It’s Leo season, so of course you’re already feeling confident, but with Venus moving into your sign early this month you can also feel confident about your finances.

Life is coming at you Leos and it’s paying off.

You can’t break this Virgo’s soul
You can’t break this Virgo’s soul (Credit: Getty)


This month is all about you, Virgo! Empowerment and self-improvement are all up in your business. You couldn’t escape it if you tried.

As Mercury enters your home sign at the start of this month you should find a sense of stability and the courage to speak your mind (but remember not everyone is a perfectionist like you).

Stay kind and watch as that self-assuredness carries you through the month.

Duchess of Capricorns
Duchess of Capricorns (Credit: Getty)


You may not feel very lucky at the start of this month but don’t worry Capricorns because you’re about to get lucky!

A triple conjunction early this month between Mars, Uranus and the north node of fate will change your perspective.

After that, you’ll find your luck with romantic matters increasing greatly, just remember to keep your heart open.

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