Grab a bite of Rolo and Allen’s all-new chocolate treats

It's love at first bite.
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The new year is officially off to a good start with the launch of three new bite-sized chocolate treats, courtesy of Rolo and Allens.

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Already a staple movie snack for so many, the popular Bites range is officially growing to include three new flavours: Rolo Bites, Allen’s Bites Mini Dark Chocolate Raspberries, and Allen’s Bites Chocolate Coconut Rough.

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Rolo Bites. (Credit: Supplied)

Considering our collective love of Rolos, it’s truly no surprise they’ve joined the Bite party. With their runny and gooey caramel insides, covered with creamy milk chocolate, the new treats are sure to be a fan-favourite.

For those not partial to caramel, or the already existing milk and chocolate bites, Allen’s new dark chocolate option might be more up your alley. They include Allen’s popular raspberry flavoured lollies covered in decadent dark chocolate.

Allen’s Bites Mini Dark Chocolate Raspberries. (Credit: Supplied)

Meanwhile, for coconut fans, the new Golden Rough inspired bites are sure to be your first port of call. Featuring roasted coconut pieces covered in irresistibly smooth milk chocolate, these Coconut Rough treats are the perfect movie companion.

In a statement about the launch, Nestlé’s head of Marketing – Confectionary, Joyce Tan, called their Bites a “go-to treat in Aussie households”, explaining they are excited to be expanding the range.

Allen’s Bites Chocolate Coconut Rough. (Credit: Supplied)

“We’re thrilled to bring these three new flavours to life,” Joyce said. “Whether you’re entertaining friends, going to the movies, or having a night in, it’s sure to be love at first bite!”  

The new Bites hit shelves this week nationwide at supermarkets and convenience retailers. You can grab a pack (or three) for $4.50 each.

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