Hot Potato: There’s a new Wiggles documentary!

The iconic children's group have been placed in the spotlight like they've never been before!
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The life and times of the beloved children’s musical group The Wiggles are being explored in a wiggly new way in Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles. 

The Amazon Prime feature-length original documentary, which premiered on the streaming service on October 24th, celebrates the evolution and enduring cultural impact of the group since it was first founded in 1991. 

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The documentary follows the original Wiggles Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Greg Page, and Jeff Fatt, in the iconic blue, red, yellow, and purple skivvies from their humble beginnings as early childhood educators to the global success they have become today. 

In the years since they were founded, the children’s entertainment group has gone from strength to strength, with numerous movies, television series, and sell-out live shows across the world that have helped them become a cultural phenomenon beloved by millions.  

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Speaking with New Idea, shortly after the documentary premiered, Anthony reflected upon the lasting legacy of the group. 

It’s overwhelming, it’s also beautiful that people remember their childhood and remember dancing as three-year-olds, four-year-olds, and five-year-olds to The Wiggles. It’s just fantastic that we helped children have a good time.”

Original band members tell New Idea The Wiggles always was, and always will be about “spreading joy.” (Credit: Supplied)

Original red Wiggle Murray shared that to him, at its core, The Wiggles were about “spreading joy.”

“I feel very proud that this thing we created, we spread a lot of joy.”

“There are lots of dark things in the world, which is why I thought the original Wiggles tour where we played to adults was so successful. It’s nice to have unbridled joy.”

Over the years, the band has undergone numerous lineup changes as founding members Jeff, Murray, and Greg stepped down, providing room for new talent to step into their world-famous skivvies. 

Currently, blue Wiggle Anthony is the only remaining Wiggle to remain an active member of the band. 

Wiggly-fying Abbey Road Crossing. (Credit: Supplied)

According to Prime, the documentary showcases previously unseen personal archival footage of the band and intimate access to their sold-out shows. 

“It’s the story of a life of music, friendship, joy, and the enduring power of the child in all of us,” an official press release announcing the docuseries read. 

Tyler Bern, Head of Content at Prime Video Australia, New Zealand and Canada said the documentary “brilliantly encapsulates” the phenomenon that the band became. 

“This film is a celebration of their [The Wiggles] lasting legacy as they continue to bring joy and music to people all over the world,” he said. 

“We know customers will enjoy the hit of nostalgia it brings.”

The Wiggles take New York! (Credit: Supplied)

“At first glance, the notion of preschool teachers selling out Madison Square Garden is downright absurd,” Director Sally Aitken said.

“What a phenomenal story for a director to unpack: How did a group of teachers become like The Beatles for preschoolers? I have been entertained and moved in making this film, discovering an amazing journey of self-belief and the power of purpose.”

“The Wiggles’ story comes with heartache and joy, reinvention, and the wisdom of children. So grab your tissues and your smiles, because with intimate interviews and unique, behind-the-scenes moments, I hope you see the individuals behind the iconic sweaters; musicians and artists driven by genuine passion, resilience, reinvention, and joy.”

No one could have predicted the star power of The Wiggles (Credit: Supplied)

For those who have indulged in The Wiggles cool-aid, the 104-minute documentary is a real treat for fans and makes for perfect viewing whilst you enjoy a meal of hot potato and cold spaghetti. 

Stream Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles on Prime Video with a 30-day trial. Subscribe here. 


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