Fans go wild over hidden Bluey cameo

Blink and you will have missed it!
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Eagle-eyed viewers of Bluey have been left surprised and delighted by a hidden cameo of Aussie icons on the beloved children’s show. 

In the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment, the world-famous Wiggles made an appearance during an episode called Phone.

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In a very brief scene, Bluey points to a television screen in his family home, where an anthropomorphic version of The Wiggles is seen, coloured skivvies and all!

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Above ‘The Wiggles’ there are also what look like signatures from real-life band members Lachy (purple), Emma (yellow), Simon (red), and Anthony (blue). 

Anthony is currently the only Wiggle from the original lineup left.

Emma departed The Wiggles in 2021. 

Did you spot the cameo? (Credit: ABC)

Taking to the Bluey Mums Facebook group, one fan was quick to share her excitement at spotting the unexpected cameo. 

“So, I don’t know if anyone else noticed but in season 3 the episode Phone with Granddad. You can see a picture of their version of The Wiggles,” the fan wrote in a post. 

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Fellow Bluey fans were quick to jump in the comments section to share their love of the subtle tribute to another internationally beloved Aussie export. 

The Wiggles lineup depicted in the episode. (Credit: The Wiggles)

“Oh, I’ve never noticed this but I was certain I’ve seen ‘The Wiggles’ in the credits at some point,” one fan commented. 

“Made me laugh so much the first time, especially ‘cos Jeff Bush, the guy who does the music, is really good friends with Emma Wiggle,” another added in reference to Emma Watkins. 

A third added that she had to “rewind” to make sure “it’s what I thought I saw.”

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