The Block conspiracy: Kristy claims that Eliza is spying for Scotty

Kristy has set a cat among the pigeons!
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There have been plenty of crazy conspiracy theories on The Block over the years, but this one takes the cake.

Charming Street’s resident pot-stirrer Kristy has been suggesting that Channel Nine ‘planted’ Eliza on the show, so she could report back to host Scotty Cam about the goings-on!

It all began on Sunday night’s episode, when Eliza’s sister Liberty was chauffeured around by Foreman Dan after they pulled an all-nighter painting their living and dining rooms.

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Earlier in the week, the sisters also had help from Scotty’s builders with their subflooring, and were gifted $500 in a surf challenge.

Kristy and her husband Brett seem to think all these events are just a bit more than a coincidence, and have claimed that Eliza is a mole for the network.

Combine this with the fact that Eliza previously worked as an assistant for Channel Nine’s golden boy Hamish Blake, and Kristy began seeing red!

Elena denies she’s getting special treatment from Scotty as a reward for reporting back to him. (Credit: Supplied)

Speaking to New Idea, Eliza has laughed off the crazy notion, confirming she finds Kristy’s allegations “quite humorous.” 

“Kristy loves a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, she and Brett will sit on those theories and stew rather than actually going to the person and confronting them and getting the truth,” Eliza says.

“The fact is that we (are) not plants, I have never worked for Channel Nine … You’d think if we were plants we would wreak havoc and win some rooms and cause more drama. If we were plants, I would have sacked us for doing a bad job.”

Where there’s drama, Kristy’s not far away! (Credit: Supplied)

Eliza explains that, initially, she “kept separate” her professional past as Hamish’s assistant during the casting process.

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In fact, she says she left working with him so she could apply for The Block, without feeling like she was getting any favouritism.

“I kept all of it out,” she tells us.

Andy Lee playing a prank on co-worker Eliza. (Credit: Hamish and Andy)

“You’re not allowed to have worked at Channel Nine (if you want to apply.) I didn’t know anyone from The Block, I didn’t say what my role was – I just said I was a personal assistant.

Then in the final round (of casting) I thought I better mention to someone what’s going on … as a courtesy. I made sure I did everything right.”

Eliza says she is hurt by Kristy’s claims they are getting “handouts” from Channel Nine.

Scotty Cam on The Block 2023. (Credit: Supplied)

Our spies add that the drama will come to a crescendo in the coming weeks.

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“It really upsets us because the one thing we wouldn’t question is our integrity,” says Eliza.

“If we were getting handouts wouldn’t we be doing better than everyone else, not coming last most weeks?!”

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