LEGO Masters’ Hamish Blakes makes cheeky jab at rival show

The LEGO Masters host didn't miss the chance to call out a rival show.
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Those familiar with Hamish Blake would be no strangers to his cheeky sense of humour. Never missing the chance to make a jest, on last night’s episode of LEGO Masters, he extended his joking personality to upcoming rival show, Blow Up. On the Nine Network program, he took full opportunity of making jest at the Channel Seven show.  

WATCH: Hamish Blake makes a cheeky jab at upcoming rival show. Article continues after video.

Taking on an Up!-themed build, Andrew and Damien spoke about their frustration with balloons.

While this was taking place host Hamish and judge Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught stood off to the side to make some tongue-in-cheek comments about the phenomena of balloons on TV.

“Hmm… Are balloons interesting on TV? That’s really the question about this build,” Hamish said in a pondering tone.

“You can’t make a whole show about balloons!” Brickman replied cheekily.

The pair were, of course, talking about the premiere of upcoming rival show Blow Up which follows the same premise as LEGO Masters – but with balloons.

Hamish and Brickman didn’t miss the chance to make a cheeky jest. (Credit: Instagram)

Walking up to inspect the balloon-themed build, Hamish then quipped, “It’s good for a part of one episode of the show. I don’t think – let me just check. No… I don’t think there’s a whole series in them.”

Channel Seven have recently released promos for Blow Up which will be hosted by actor Stephen Curry and comedian Becky Lewis.

Like LEGO Masters, experts in balloon building will compete in weekly challenges that will test their artistry skills and determine Australia’s best balloon artist.

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