Worrying new pics emerge of Paris Jackson

Less than a month after her strange antics at Melbourne Cup

She sparked concern with her strange behavior at the Melbourne cup last month.

And Paris Jackson has once again got tongues wagging as the troubled daughter of the late Michael Jackson took to the streets of Paris.

The 19-year-old was spotted sitting on the pavement with a large backpack strapped to her shoulders and smoking a cigarette.

The next day, the teen – who appears to be holidaying in France – left her position on the sidewalk to bizarrely scale a lamppost.

A video also emerged of Paris taking to the streets whilst playing the guitar, with Twitter user @The GATW captioning the bizarre clip: “Paris Jackson is playing guitar in the streets of Rennes (France) she’s too pure for this world. Protect her at all costs.”


The trip comes a month after Paris was seen licking a window inside a Melbourne Cup marquee, leading the Herald Sun to post the said image alongside the headline ‘Wacko Jacko 2.0.’

Paris took to Twitter to hit back, slamming the Australian publication with the words, ‘cute. you guys are f**kin’ cowards. bet you don’t have the balls to call me that to my face

‘i couldn’t care less what they call me tbh but adding the “2.0” is their way of dragging my father into it and THAT i will not stand for.’

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