Sunday & Faith are “it girls” in hot demand

Local model scouts want to sign the sisters.
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Their A-list parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are normally the focus of intense attention. 

But now the couple’s daughters Sunday Rose, 15, and Faith Margaret, 12, are generating interest too.

New Idea has learned that both Australian and international model scouts are clamouring to sign up the girls.

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“The professional interest in Sunday and Faith is reaching fever pitch,” our a source says. 

“They’ve already had offers to do everything from modelling for fashion brands to starring in their own reality show. Of course, because Sunday is older, the offers have intensified.”

So far, Nicole, 56, and Keith, who’s also 56 this week, are rebuffing any interest in their precious daughters – even though they both began their careers while in their teens.

“Nicole and Keith have stood firm so far,” our source explains. 

“They do worry about fame for their girls, especially Keith, who’s the first to admit that it would have killed him if he hadn’t met Nicole. They know there are so many pitfalls.”

What beauties! Sunday and Faith turned heads as they arrived at Sydney airport with their protective dad. (Credit: Media Mode)

Instead, Nicole and Keith, who were in Australia last week so Nicole could attend an SXSW Sydney festival event, are insisting that their daughters prioritise studies over stardom. 

“They are both very much on the same page when it comes to Sunday and Faith finishing school and having a tertiary education,” our source says. 

“The girls are both bright enough to get a decent degree one day.”

“They worry about fame for the girls, especially Keith,” says our source. (Credit: Media Mode)

But interest in the young Urbans isn’t likely to go away any time soon. Sunday and Faith have also cottoned on to the fact that their Sydney-based cousin Lucia Hawley is fast becoming an ‘It girl’. 

Lucia, who is Nicole’s sister Antonia’s eldest child, is currently a TV presenter for 7Bravo.

“Seeing their big cousin do so well and carve out an amazing career has inspired the girls,” says our source. 

Local model scouts are eager to sign the sisters. (Credit: Media Mode)

As Sunday’s thoughts turn to what she wants to do when she finishes high school, the teen is tempted to take a ‘gap year’ so she can explore opportunities in front of the camera explains our source.

“She is especially keen to give modelling a shot,” says the source.

Meanwhile, Faith, who accompanied her parents to church in Sydney on October 15, doesn’t want to be left behind. 

Our source reveals, “Faith wants to follow her folks into entertainment too. She’s got the goods.” 

While Nicole and Keith won’t block their daughters’ ambitions, they are laying down the law when it comes to finishing school.

“They are absolutely united on this,” shares the source.

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