Kendall Bora was initially against dating Matt Doran before they fell in love

Talk about turning tables.
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While Weekend Sunrise host Matt Doran navigates the backlash brewing from his pulled interview with British musician Adele, there is little doubt that his wife, Kendall Bora, is supporting him throughout it all.

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After Matt, who was flown to London for the exclusive chat with the musician, confessed to Adele that he hadn’t listened to her new album, 30, Sony blocked Channel 7 from using the interview footage.

The presenter has since told The Australian that he was “totally unaware” that there was a preview of her unreleased album sitting in his inbox.

The blunder made international headlines, with Matt receiving a lot of criticism online. By his side throughout the swarm is sure to be his wife, Kendall Bora, who works for rival network Nine as an Executive Producer of Weekend Today.

Matt and Kendall met back in 2019, though Kendall has revealed to Body + Soul that the presenter wasn’t exactly what she was looking for at the time.

Matt and Kendall originally met in 2019. (Credit: Instagram)

“I wanted somebody low-key, like an accountant,” she told the publication. “When a friend tried to set me up with Matt, I said, ‘Absolutely not. He’s just too good-looking and too charming’.”

Despite her initial reservations, Kendall agreed to meet up with Matt. But, according to the outlet, things didn’t go so well after the journalist turned up late and ate all the pizza, blaming his tardiness on having just returned from a long stint working overseas.

Luckily, Kendall didn’t give him the cold shoulder and they struck up a devoted romance, even with the professional rivalry.

In fact, it seems they’ve worked out a system with regards to their work, telling Body + Soul that they’ve established a protocol when it comes to sharing information, agreeing to not disclose their morning shows’ respective stories and guests to each other.

While Kendall told the publication that she’s not the best at keeping a secret, Matt described himself as a “vault”.

Matt and Kendall work for rival Networks, Seven and Nine. (Credit: Instagram)

“I could be told the most spectacular piece of news and I don’t divulge it,” he said, before Kendall added that perhaps this is because he can’t remember the news, according to the publication.

But clearly it’s a system that has worked for the pair as Matt popped the question not two years later in what was a very stressful endeavour.

The Weekend Sunrise reporter announced the engagement via his Instagram on January 1st, explaining that many of his romantic ideas fell through.

“It was planned to perfection – everything but the doves,” Matt wrote. “Half an island was involved, before the borders shut two days out.”

“Plan B failed due to a combo of leeches, blizzards, car crashes and a ‘gourmet’ picnic that was, in fact, canned spam. Plan C was fool-proof, until a tech crisis created unspeakable cringe (thanks to Charlie in pic 4 who saved the day)!

“Despite it all, she still said yes, and I’m now the luckiest man in the cosmos. And officially sleeping with the enemy @channel7 @channel9 @kendallbora Big thanks to the amazing team @houseofkdor.”

Matt popped the question to Kendall over New Year’s. (Credit: Instagram)

Matt also spoke about the proposal on Sunrise, confessing there was “a lot of stress in the lead-up”.

“I didn’t sleep for a few days prior cause I kept bungling the plans,” the 37-year-old said, while also explaining he “was trying to go overboard” to impress Kendall.

Regardless of any proposal mishaps, it seems that Kendall is still head over heels for the Network rival, telling Body + Soul that some of her favourite traits about Matt are his ability to admit when he’s wrong, as well as the effort he puts into special occasions.

“She says such thoughtfulness and care made her realise he was a keeper,” wrote the publication.

matt doran wedding adele sam mac
“Trolling in the deep.” (Credit: Instagram)

The couple officially tied the knot and shared intimate snaps from their wedding ceremony on Christmas Eve, December 24.

“The best day of my life with my magnificent wife @kendallbora (doran),” Matt wrote on Instagram.

Although, even on his wedding day Matt couldn’t escape the Adele interview, with Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac, who attended the event with his girlfriend Rebecca James, taking a cheeky dig at the groom.

While posing with the newly-wedded couple, Sam held up a picture of Adele torn from a magazine, and said: “Trolling in the deep.”

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