Married At First Sight 2020: Meet the cast

The 2020 crop of brides and grooms...
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Married At First Sight fever is officially upon us – and the latest crop of brides and grooms might be our best yet!


Introducing, 2020’s up-and-coming household names and prospective social media ‘influencers’.

Sebastian Guilhaus
(Credit: Instagram)


Sebastian is a former AFL player-turned-personal trainer who describes himself as an ‘Eccentric Pisces’ and a ‘Try-hard comedian.’

He’s also an aspiring actor. Yep.

I’ve tried working in pretty much most industries – banking, promotions, personal training, construction,’ he told the The Advertiser in 2018.

‘The only thing that’s been consistent has been my love of entertaining people and making people smile.

‘I thought, “what encompasses all of that?” and I came up with acting.’



She’s back, back, back. Back again, again, again.

Not happy with how things panned out the first time around, Lizzie is back and looking for hubby 2.0.

And she’s got a whole new look!

Elizabeth recently opened up to a local publication about her health habits, saying that she loves her body ‘at any size’.

‘I’ve thought that when I weighed 49kg and when I’ve weighed 90kg. I want women to realise that we’re all so much more than a number on a scale,’ she added.

‘So, yes, I’ve lost some weight since I was a ‘huge’ size 10 when I was on MAFS, but that doesn’t mean I’m any ‘better’ now, just because I’m slimmer.’

New Idea
(Credit: Nine)

POPPY, 38.

A mother to twin boys, Poppy’s firecracker personality and heartbreaking relationship history makes her a fan favourite.

‘I’ve got two-year-old twins and when they were six-weeks old, my husband had a terrible accident,’ she recalls. ‘He tripped and fell into his co-worker’s vagina and he’s still stuck there!’
(Credit: Nine)


Eternally single, Connie faces two demons – her self esteem and her mother.

‘After a while you just kind of think, what’s wrong with me if every single person that I meet doesn’t want a bar of me? What am I doing wrong?’ she says, admitting that at 27, she’s lonely. ‘I don’t think I’m ugly but I don’t think there’s anything striking about me.’
As for her mum, well, she’s vocal about her hatred for the reality TV dating show.
‘I can’t stand that show. This show can be quite manipulating,’ she explains, telling Connie, ‘I think it’s ridiculous and catty. That’s everything you’re not.’
(Credit: Nine)


A mother-of-two, Mishel has a dismal dating history.

‘Why can’t I meet a guy that actually likes me?’ she asks relationship guru, John Aiken, who answered her question with another question. ‘How many guys are we talking about that have cheated on you?’

‘Seven. And I’ve only dated eight,’ Mishel admitted.

In a promo for the February 3 premiere, Mishel’s daughter is seen begging her mother to reconsider marrying a random, before spilling the tea at the reception.

‘Please, Mum. Don’t do this… he dropped a bit of a bombshell.’

She learns that her new spouse is a cheater. Cue the tears.

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(Credit: Nine)

TASH, 31.

A former Miss Ink competitor and professional body-piercer, Tash is one half of Married At First Sight’s first lesbian newlyweds, and considers herself ‘sexually fluid.’

We’d say this 2020 cast member is a romantic. ‘If i don’t romanticise everything i do i’ll die,’ she tells her Instagram followers.

(Credit: Nine)

ALEKS, 32.

A real estate agent and singing teacher, if you think Alek’s is familiar, then you’d be right!

She appeared on another dating show, Take Me Out. At the time, she said she had no time for gym junkies.

(Credit: Nine)

CATHY, 26.

‘It’s Cathy ya dogs,’ is how she introduces herself on Instagram, while describing herself as a ‘Youtuber and Meme Lord.’

This bride says she’s got serious trust issues and documents her bad dating history via her YouTube account.

(Credit: Nine)


A mother-of-one, Stacey is reportedly a lawyer who is ‘an overachiever with a grounded family life’ with a broken engagement under her belt.

(Credit: Nine)


An Instagram model, Natasha is on the right show to find love… and Instagram fame.

She has a history of dating older men, and counts a 50-year-old as a former fiance.

Will she break of silver fox streak and meet her perfect match?

(Credit: Nine)


According to Vanessa, ‘We all have flaws and insecurities but that’s what makes us a different type of perfect. Be happy with who you are.’

So will this dog-loving bride be open to a groom with flaws?

Before signing up to the reality dating show, she dated former MAFS star Bronson Norrish! Yep, Ines Basic’s ex-hubby.

(Credit: Nine)


A ‘strength and mindset coach’, we can’t wait to see how this lover of ‘Sneakers & Versace’ interacts with her wife and cast mates. 

Amanda makes up the other half of the show’s first lesbian coupling!

(Credit: Nine)


A recovering drug addict, like most of the other brides and grooms, Hayley’s tatted up and loves taking selfies. According to Daily Mail, she’ll bring the drama to the famous MAFS dinner parties. Bring. It. On.

(Credit: Nine)

DAVID, 31.David wants to find his soulmate, just like his father did his mother. According to reports, he’s a ‘wannabe cowboy who is looking to lasso a wife.’ 

(Credit: Nine)

MIKEY, 29.

A former private school boy, Mikey is easy on the eyes, but will he be an easy spouse? He describes himself as awkward, and hope to find a lady he ‘can share his fortune with.’ 

(Credit: Nine)

JOSH, 28.

After losing the love of life because of his party boy lifestyle, Josh doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

Good-looking, check. Tattooes, check. This one might be popular with more than one lady!

(Credit: Nine)

CHRIS, 37.

A single dad to two young boys, Chris admits to two failed engagements. Thanks to Channel Nine, he can now say he’s finally exchanged vows – but will they last?

(Credit: Nine)

STEVE, 51.

The barber is no stranger to reality TV, having dated MasterChef Australia winner, Diana Chan.

On his Instagram account, the testicular cancer survivor advises his followers, ‘Therapy is expensive. Get a haircut instead. We’re great listeners.’ 

Will his TV bride agree?

(Credit: Nine)

LUKE, 39.

This single father is another with a heartbreaking relationship history. 

A dad to girls, Luke says after his decade-long marriage ended, he fell in love with a woman who left him for his neighbour!

Oh, dear. 

(Credit: Nine)

Scottish-born and South Australia-based, Michael is the director of an ice manufacturing business. By ice, we mean the frozen water variety.

With dreams of getting in shape, Michael became a millionaire at just 24, when he became a shareholder in the ice business, a family enterprise. 

(Credit: Nine)

IVAN, 30.

A man with ‘traditional family values,’ this Ukranian-born groom hopes ‘his new bride sticks around long enough’ to see there’s more to him than sometimes offensive opinions. 

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