Why Cosima De Vito declined to return to Australian Idol as a mentor

The singer opens up about life after reality TV
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Twenty years have passed since Cosima De Vito quit Australian Idol in a storm of controversy, yet the pain is still too raw for the singer to even entertain the idea of taking part in Channel Seven’s new reboot.

“I will forever be an Idol and will never turn my back on my original Idol fans. But it was also a really, really hard time for me,” the 46-year-old tells New Idea in an exclusive interview.

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“I have scars there and I’m not ready to go back on that stage and have to relive that particular part of the journey. I loved my time on Idol, but I know if I went back on I would have to speak about dealing with that time of me losing my voice and the backlash.”

The scandal erupted in 2003 when Guy Sebastian beat country boy Shannon Noll to win the first-ever series – but only after Cosima sensationally quit at the final three stage when she was diagnosed with throat nodules. 

It robbed fourth-placed Paulini Curuenavuli of her chance at the Idol crown, and flabbergasted viewers, who thought Cosima would win the whole thing. 

“It was quite traumatic for me,” she explains. 

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Still, Cosima has no regrets over putting her health first. After the controversy died down, Cosima’s career went from strength to strength, notching up a number one with her cover of the classic Cold Chisel power ballad, ‘When the War Is Over’ the following year. She’s been on a roll ever since.

“I did it all on my own,” Cosima says proudly, revealing she was one of just a handful of high-profile Idol alumni who were approached to mentor the contestants and do group performances on Seven’s reboot.

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“I said no to going back. If they ever ask me in the future I might go back on, but at this point my heart wasn’t in it,” she explains.

“I’m really happy to just sit on the sidelines and watch the show. I’m so excited it’s back.”

While she may revisit the offer for future seasons, for now Cosima is content to focus on family. 

“I’m really happy to just sit on the sidelines and watch the show. I’m so excited it’s back.” (Credit: Getty)

Eight years ago she wed Gus De Romanis. The happy couple have their hands full with daughter Amelia, 5, who wants to follow her mother onto the stage!  

“She can sing but like every little girl, she wants to be a ballerina,” Cosima smiles.

The dedicated mum confides that she and Gus, 57, are still trying for another baby, after 

a year tinged with sadness following the loss of her granddad, an Italian-born singer who inspired her love of music.

“I’m still performing, still gigging and still writing and releasing music. I might not be doing large stadium arenas, but I am doing what I love, and people are still buying my music. I’m happy with that.”

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