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Get the sizzle back in your sex life!
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Do you remember how you felt when you and your partner first met?

The excitement about seeing each other, the agony of waiting to touch them, the joy in spending as much time as you could with each other, the getting-to-know-you stuff that gives you goosebumps. Was nice right? But over time if you’re anything like us, that excitement is tempered with, well real life.  

Let’s just say, nothing erodes your enthusiasm like a partner who doesn’t pick up their wet towels… amiright? Married life, shopping, having children, laundry, work (oh yes, dear boss, work is a big one), and suddenly your date nights are less sexy massage time and more arguments about recycling and who put the bins out.

It’s time to spice up your love life.

spice girls
As these ladies would say, Spice up your life… (Credit: Getty)

It’s not just old married couples who can lack a bit of vavoom in the bedroom from time to time. Adding a touch of spice to a new relationship early on can be great to keep things moving – and it makes getting to know someone that much easier when you don’t have to come up with the ideas yourself.

For all of us who want to spice up our love life just a little,  help is at hand with these cards from Vush.

The Vush connections challenge cards are all about deepening your connection to your partner and getting back some of that sizzle that may have, well fizzled…OR to add the fizz at the start so your sex life can go off with a bang!

And because they’re all done comfortably with prompts and challenges, it’s not as confronting as having to actually talk about stuff out of the blue. Perfect if you’re also feeling a bit awkward about things…  We suggest a drink or two, a lovely dinner, and then a delve into the box of cards. Consider things spiced up…

vush connection cards
Voila! Your love life just got a boost. (Credit: VUSH)

With prompts that could make you blush to challenges that may see you leaping into bed (or onto the couch… or just the floor…) the cards (which have over 12000 5 star reviews, by the way) can help you reignite that flame, have some fun and even have some conversations that are normally hard to start.

Face it, no one REALLY wants to talk about why they’re not having enough sex. If you want to spice up your marriage, add spice to a new relationship, keep things spicy while you’re pregnant, or just get more intimacy in your day to day – these cards can help!

And if you’re not in the market for more actual hot-to-trot sex, don’t fret. These aren’t all about that – we’re talking connection here on ALL levels, from emotional conversation to romantic moments to full-blown sexual dares that will leave you gasping.

vush connection cards
Just a taste of what’s in store… (Credit: VUSH)

There is something for everyone in any kind of relationship, and with a mix of scratch cards, challenges, and ideas for date nights all in one box, your love life will be looking up in no time.

OK, we’ll leave you to it now… grab that bottle of wine, get out that blanket… and let the Vush connections challenge cards work their magic… you’ll thank us later.

vush connection cards
It’s the only time scratching can be seen as helping your love life! (Credit: VUSH)

What’s included in the Vush Connection Cards Box?

  • 100 Challenges
  • 70 Scratch cards
  • 30 Shake-up cards
  • 3 Levels of Spice
  • Date night ideas
  • Bedroom challenges

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