Who does Princess Isabella look like?

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princess isabella

Since Princess Isabella’s birth on April 21, 2007, the young royal has made quite an impression on royal watchers.

The 17-year-old has been attending regular royal engagements since 2022 and has been compared to various members of the Danish royal family during this time. As she approaches adulthood, royal fans continue to point out her resemblance to both her mother and her father.

From her hair and fair complexion to her distinct facial features and captivating blue eyes, it’s impossible to deny the stark similarities she shares with her parents.

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princess isabella standing with her siblings alongside a photo of king frederik in a suit and bowtie when he was younger
Princess Isabella looked the spitting image of her father in a photograph of the children from the Royal Run 2024. (Credit: Image 1 – Instagram, Image 2 – Getty)

A photo posted to Instagram in May 2024 of the Danish royals at the annual Royal Run sent fans into a frenzy over how much Princess Isabella looks like her father, King Frederik.

The princess has inherited the same facial features as her father, including his bright blue eyes.

“It’s crazy how much Princess Isabella looks like King Frederik 😮😍,” one royal watcher commented on the Instagram post of the children.

“Isabella looks like her dad when he was young,” another said.

This is definitely not the first time Isabella has been compared to her father. When the two are photographed together, their distinct similarities become far more noticeable.

princess isabella standing inbetween king frederik and queen mary
Princess Isabella’s facial structure is very similar to her dad’s. (Credit: Getty)

As she stood between her parents on the day of her confirmation in 2022, it was clear to see her resemblance to both Frederik and Mary.

“Her face is so much like her dad’s, but she definitely has Mary’s smile,” one royal fan commented on photos from the special occasion.

As she continues to grow, her appearance becomes more like her mother’s. From her apple cheeks and her defined lips to her soft jaw and chin shape, it is obvious which features she has inherited from her mother.

Over the years, royal fans have made many comments on Isabella’s resemblance to Mary.

“Isabella radiates beauty- looking more and more like Mary🥰,” one commented on an Instagram post of the family.

“Definitely looking like her mother,” another said.

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