Princess Charlotte’s net worth is over $1.8 billion more than her brothers

That's one important little royal.

There’s no doubt that Princess Charlotte is one of the most popular royal family members, stealing hearts across the world with her gorgeous wave and unique sassiness. 

It’s been revealed that the adorable three-year-old is worth a huge amount to the British economy. 

According to a study by Reader’s Digest, Princess Charlotte’s impact on the economy is worth over $1.8 billion more than her older brother, Prince George’s. 

Princess Charlotte
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The study reports four-year-old Prince George’s worth as $4.8 billion while Charlotte’s is estimated at $6.8 billion, and it all comes down to the young princesses royal style. 

Just as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have their own style and impact on the fashion scene, Princess Charlotte has already become somewhat of a fashion ‘influencer’. 

Any clothes or shoes Charlotte wears instantly becomes a sellout success, with people rushing to replicate her style on their own kids. 

Brand Finance CEO David Haigh told Insider: ‘The royal children have a positive impact on the sales of particular clothes and toys brands they wear or play with.

‘In this sense, they have a very similar effect on brands as their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, who has a real Midas touch — everything she touches turns into gold.’

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