Princess Charlotte and Meghan Markle share cute bonding moment

A sweet smile from Auntie Meg
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Princess Charlotte and her aunt Meghan Markle have shared a cute moment amid their grief at The Queen’s funeral.

While the Royal Family gathered after the service, Meghan gave her seven-year-old niece a quick warm smile to reassure the young princess.

WATCH BELOW: Meghan shares smile with Princess Charlotte

Like most of the family, Meghan struggled to hold back tears at the funeral but when Charlotte spotted her in the crowd she couldn’t help but share a smile with her well behaved niece. 

The princess shared a similar moment with her Uncle Harry during the service who flashed her a quick smile after Charlotte adjusted her wayward hat.

Princess Charlotte in a brief moment of reassurance amid Queen Elizabeth II’s solemn funeral (Credit: Getty)

Due to COVID regulations, Charlotte and her brother Prince George were unable to attend their great-grandfather’s funeral last year. Meaning that yesterday’s funeral for ‘Gran-Gran’ was probably the first memorial the children had attended.

Despite the solemn occasion, Charlotte and George played their roles beautifully. At one point Charlotte even reminded her big brother of royal protocols.

WATCH BELOW: Princess Charlotte reminds Prince George to bow at The Queen’s funeral

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When The Queen’s coffin passed them Charlotte could be seen prompting George, “you have to bow”. 

Charlotte was a stalwart supporter of the young Prince, who barely left her side throughout the service. She was also spotted sporting a horseshoe brooch, a gift from her great-grandmother.

The Queen had a lifelong passion for horses, she began riding at just three years old. Charlotte appears to be following in her footsteps and is already learning to ride.

Charlotte wore a brooch to honour The Queen’s love of horses
Charlotte wore a brooch to honour The Queen’s love of horses (Credit: Getty)

In 2018, Paralympic Equestrian Natasha Baker said Kate Middleton told her that Charlotte is “really enjoying riding”.

“She emphasised that Charlotte has this passion for horses and although she doesn’t echo it, she’ll do her best to champion and encourage it,” Natasha said.

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