Prince Philip news & FAQs: How well do you know him?

All about the Duke of Edinburgh.

Where did Prince Philip grow up?

Prince Philip was born in Mon Repos on the Greek island of Corfu, however his family was exiled from the country when he was just one years old. His family then moved to France.

How tall is Prince Philip?

Prince Philip is 1.83m tall

Is Prince Philip married?

Prince Philip is married to Queen Elizabeth. They wed in 1947.

Who are Prince Philip’s children?

Charles, Prince of Wales, Anne, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

prince philip
Elizabeth and Philip on their wedding day (Credit: Getty)

What is Prince Philip’s net worth?

Prince Philip’s net worth is reported to be around 30 million USD.

Where does Prince Philip live?

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have three main residences: Buckingham Palace, Wood Warm on the Sandringham Estate and Windsor Castle.

Does Prince Philip have a nickname?

Not that we know of, but he does have one for Queen Elizabeth!

What is Prince Philip’s last name?

Prince Philip’s last name is Mountbatten. He took the name from his maternal uncle, Dickie Mountbatten.

Where did Prince Philip go to school?

Prince Philip went to multiple schools growing up. First, he went to an American school in Paris called The Elms. In 1928 at just eight years old, he was sent to the United Kingdom to attend Cheam School. He later sent his son Charles to the same school.

In 1933, Philip was sent to Schule Schloss Salem in Germany, which was owned by the family of his brother-in-law. After two terms here, Philip moved to Gordonstoun before leaving in 1939.

Philip then joined the Royal Navy and graduated from the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, as the best cadet in his course.

Who was Prince Philip’s mother?

Prince Philip’s mother was Alice Battenberg, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Who was Prince Philip’s father?

Prince Philip’s father was Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark.

Did Prince Philip have sisters?

Prince Philip had four older sisters:  MargaritaTheodoraCecilie, and Sophie.

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