Meghan Markle: My shocking family secret

New revelations.

Meghan Markle has vowed to fight back after new revelations about the dark side of her family were made public.

It’s been revealed that several members of the Suits star’s extended family have disturbing histories of drug use, violence, racism, crime and drunken behaviour. 

The Markle clan – who originate from Grants Pass, Oregon – hides several black sheep, including Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr, who was arrested for drunkenly brandishing a gun at his partner Darlene Blount in January. 

Now it’s further been revealed that despite the altercation, Thomas and Darlene plan to marry in the coming months – meaning Meghan will soon call a drug user associated with white supremacy her brother-in-law. 

Darlene’s brother Jason Blount was arrested earlier this year for heroin possession and three separate counts of theft. 

According to Josephine County Court documents, when police arrived at the scene: ‘He was found to be holding a straw with black residue, which he admits was that of heroin…and field [tested] as such.’

In a separate incident on June 5, Jason was caught again for stealing a $60 glass pipe from a garden store – placing the item in his trousers. His accomplice Shawn Kaschak – also a known drug user – was arrested at the scen and as seen in the mugshot, Shawn has a large tattoo emblazened across his neck that is commonly worn by white supremacists, including neo-Nazis and Klu Klux Klan members. 

The new shocking revelations about Meghan’s extended family have understandably left her ‘red-faced’ with senior royals, but sources close to the 36-year-old says he won’t let it affect her chances of marrying Prince Harry. 

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