Kate Middleton’s birthday ruined!

Duchess Kate is in tears as her 40th celebrations go awry.
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Since stepping into the royal spotlight, the Duchess of Cambridge has preferred to celebrate her birthday with a low-key gathering at her home, Anmer Hall, with her most trusted inner circle of friends and family.

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“Kate doesn’t like the fuss or attention,” explains an insider, adding that “a day off with her kids and her husband” is usually at the top of Kate’s wish list.

However, with Kate turning the big 4-0 on January 9, her devoted husband, Prince William, is determined to celebrate by treating his wife like the princess she technically is.

Sources tell New Idea Wills plans on taking Kate and the kids – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – to New York City as soon as they can get away.

kate middleton prince william
Wills plans on taking Kate and the kids away as soon as they can. (Credit: Getty)

“Wills was so excited to tell Kate about it,” says a source. “He’s got all these ideas for family friendly activities, like museums and ice-skating during the day, and romantic parties for two in the hotel bar once the kids are tucked up in bed.”

Kate adored her first royal visit to NYC in 2014. Sources say she’s since lamented that she “hasn’t spent near enough time there”. Unfortunately, though, she wasn’t exactly over the moon when Wills surprised her with their trip.

“Kate’s reaction was one of anxiety,” explains the source. “Her concern is that she’ll run into her sister-in-law’s cronies.”

kate middleton
‘Kate’s immediate reaction was one of anxiety … the past year has taken its toll.’ (Credit: Getty)

According to one insider, Wills is booking a suite in the swanky Carlyle Hotel, where he and Kate stayed on their royal visit.

While it’s a very sweet gesture, Kate is nervous since The Carlyle is also a favourite haunt of Wills’ brother, Prince Harry, and his wife, Duchess Meghan, when they’re visiting from California.

Many of Meghan’s East Coast-based besties, including Misha Nonoo and Jessica Mulroney, are also regular visitors.

kate middleton meghan markle
Meghan wasn’t invited to the 40th celebrations for Kate – but her presence is still looming large. (Credit: Getty)

“Kate feels like she’s in boarding school again, worrying if Meghan’s friends will be watching her in the common room – or in this case, the lobby,” says a source.

“Plus, there’s always the chance that Meghan and Harry themselves would show up on a work trip, like they’ve done twice in the past few months, which would totally ruin things.

“She feels silly being so paranoid, but the past year of Meghan’s strange attacks on her has taken its toll. Wills is a tad miffed. He wants to make it such a special trip.”

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