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Pete Murray unmasked as Tiny on The Masked Singer

The singer has spilled on the emotional connection he has with his first performance of the season.
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No one could predict that Aussie singer Pete Murray was hiding underneath the monstrous mask of Tiny apart from Chrissie Swan, who was thrilled to see her prediction proved correct!

For six episodes, Tiny had kept Australia in his cute claws, but his time on the show came to an end following his performance of Post Malone’s Wrapped Around Your Finger. 

WATCH NOW: Grim Reaper performs on The Masked Singer Australia. Article continues after video. 

Speaking with New Idea the morning after his on-screen unmasking, Pete revealed that he was surprised to make it so far in the series without being guessed by panel member Chrissie who was a huge fan and had met Pete on more than a few occasions. 

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“Trying to not get noticed was what I wanted so I tried to sing a little deeper than I normally do because my voice is very recognisable in this country,” he told us. 

“It was a nice relief to not be outed straight away.”

Pete was the man behind the mask. (Credit: Instagram)

In his first performance of the season, the adorable, giant-sized mask performed a heartwarming rendition of Katrina and the Waves hit 1983 song Walking on Sunshine saw both the guessing panel and viewers tuning in from home let out a collective “awwwww.”

For Pete, taking to the stage as Tiny and performing the cover were equal parts emotional and exciting. 

“It was really nice on the first song that I did – Walking on Sunshine – which the producers thought would be a great start to the show for me [Tiny] and I thought ‘wow this is amazing’ because one of my best mates sisters, who was like a sister to me, she fought cancer for 35 years, and she passed away a few years ago and had a charity called Walking on Sunshine because that was her favourite song.”

“So when I got asked to do the show and asked to do the song I got tingles and went ‘Wow this is Annie up there pushing this song onto me.’ I had goosebumps singing that song, I got teary towards the end, it was really emotional for me.” 

It’s safe to say that viewers are huge fans of Tiny (Credit: Channel 10)

Whilst taking to the stage as Tiny did have its challenges, Pete rose to the occasion, revealing that performing on The Masked Singer had long been on his bucket list. 

“I actually got asked [to participate] in the very first season, I thought it was a really cool concept but I unfortunately couldn’t do it back then. But when they asked again I went ‘Yeah, I’m free, let’s do it, it’ll be good fun!” 

Whilst we now know Pete to be the secret celebrity hiding underneath the cuddly crooner that was Tiny, the guessing panel previously guessed that Crowded House band member Neill Finn, John Mayer, Spacey Jane frontman Caleb Harper, and American singer Jack Johnson could also be in the mix. 

Fans however were quick to clue in, “It’s Pete Murray! It’s so obvious I really don’t know how none of them guessed it,” penned one fan on Instagram shortly after his first performance. 

None of these celebrity guesses proved correct. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

As for who Pete thinks will take out the trophy, he’s in full support of Snow Fox. 

“I accidentally heard Snow Fox warming up. I was just like ‘Oh my goodness’ this girl can sing. That’s one person I know I’m not going to beat,'” he said. 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t go towards the end.”

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