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MasterChef star puts end to long running fan theory

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When she appeared on the first season of MasterChef Australia in 2009, Poh Ling Yeow was unknown. 

But after she walked away from the reality show as runner-up, she was catapulted to the top, going on to host her own cooking shows, publish several bestselling cookbooks, and star in the likes of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here and a LegoMasters Christmas special. 

WATCH NOW: Poh is eliminated from MasterChef. Article continues after video. 

After 11 busy years, Poh finally returned to the MasterChef kitchen to compete once more, placing 6th in series 12 aka MasterChef: Back To Win. 

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And whilst she didn’t take home the crown, fans were still left impressed by how Poh, and other MasterChef contestants, remember the correct measurements for the dishes they are making. 

According to Poh, there is a trick to it!

Poh has starred in two seasons of MasterChef as a contestants (2009 & 2020). (Credit: Channel 10)

Responding to a fan on her Instagram about how she could possibly commit the correct measurements for so many dishes to mind, Poh shared a page from the notebook she used when she returned to the MasterChef kitchen in 2020. 

“A page from a notebook of ingredient lists I’d committed to memory for MasterChef: Back to Win. This is what we did with every spare minute,” Poh captioned the image. 

Poh has shone a light on a question fans have been dying to know the answer to. (Credit: Channel 10)

Her story confirms a long-running debate between fans as to whether or not contestants can bring notes with them to prepare for cooking on set, or if they are forced to rely on their memories. 

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Often challenges are unpredictable, and contestants have no clue as to what they will be cooking, or what ingredients are available to them on any given day. 

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