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We visited the revamped Big Brother house and here’s what to expect

The labyrinth is better than ever.
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Big Brother Australia is back for another year and his new digs is quite the sight to behold.

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: New Idea visits the 2022 Big Brother house

While the identity of Big Brother is notoriously secretive, the whereabouts of his house isn’t kept quite so under wraps.

Last year, the labyrinth was located in Sydney Harbour’s North Head near Manly. This time around, the housemates have been sequestered in Sydney Olympic Park in the White Pavillion.

New Idea was granted exclusive access of the digs and we’ve laid it all out for you below.

The yard. (Credit: Seven)

Once entering through an eye shaped hole in the wall, the first sight is the crystal clear pool, garden area, and tree house for “private conversations” (you know, with a microphone).

The arena. (Credit: Seven)

There is also an arena where housemates battle against each other during nomination challenges.

The dining table. (Credit: New Idea)

Making a left into the inside, housemates first see the open layout living area. The long dining table sits to the right, complete with 18 green velvet seats and flower ornaments.

The living area. (Credit: New Idea)

Directly opposite is the lounge area, complete with cushiony lounges and that famous big screen that the big guy uses to communicate with the housemates.

The kitchen. (Credit: New Idea)

Heading a bit further into the house you are greeted with the kitchen area, which includes green and white detailing and illuminated purple eyes on the bench.

The mezzanine. (Credit: Seven)

Above the kitchen area rests the VIP Mezzanine – an upstairs luxury suite. Only a few housemates can ascend these red stairs if rewarded by Big Brother.

The bathroom. (Credit: Seven)

Further into the house is the spacious bathroom, with individual sinks and showers, as well as mirrors that rest in front of camera.

The bedroom. (Credit: Seven)

The two bedrooms are accompanied by single sized beds with blue and orange spreads, illuminated by blue and pink lights and side draws.

Hidden behind the bedrooms are the housemates’ wardrobes and washing machines. And while you may think those morph-suit-clad Big Brother ninjas do the washing and drying, the housemates are in charge of all their own housework.

The diary room. (Credit: New Idea)

The magnum opus of the digs is, of course, the diary room. With multi coloured lights lining the walls and a silver and red chair perched in the centre on a platform, it’s where housemates are granted tasks by Big Brother, share their secrets, strategise, and more.

The mainframe. (Credit: Seven)

There are also two secret rooms in the labyrinth. There’s the mainframe – otherwise known as the nerve centre of the house. From this space, every move of every housemate can be monitored. Whoever enters this room can control the house and the housemates.

Then there’s the underground sewer filled with old pipes and valves that control the plumping and fresh air in the house – not quite as alluring.

With both old and new housemates entering the reality show, we can’t wait to see how they get on in the new digs.

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