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Insiders reveal when MasterChef Australia will air after Jock Zonfrillo’s death

“There is really no precedent for this...”
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After the tragic yet shocking passing of Jock Zonfrillo, it’s natural to wonder what will happen with the new season of MasterChef Australia.

The reality show was supposed to premiere its 15th season last night, May 1, but Channel 10 announced that out of respect for Jock, MasterChef “will not air this week.”

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Insider sources claimed to The Daily Telegraph that MasterChef will eventually make its way to TV but ‘changes’ are currently being made to the already completed episodes.

“With all episodes already in the vault, they will be watching every episode carefully to ensure there is nothing that will distress viewers and more pertinently, family and close friends,” one source said.

“It is not something you can get wrong, so they will take their time.”

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Sources claim that the new MasterChef season will air but it’ll first be edited in light of Jock’s death… (Credit: Ten)

Another source – an anonymous TV executive – echoed this sentiment and said Season 15 of MasterChef will be broadcast but no exact date or time frame has been given in regards to when…

“There is really no precedent for this,” the insider said.

“Word is that the show will continue, it really is a matter of what, how and when so that it is appropriately respectful to the family and to viewers. There is talk of a tribute special, as well as some sort of tribute at the top of the first episode. Longer term, and again it is way too soon, they will look at a new judge for the next season.”

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Jock Zonfrillo passed away on April 30. His family announced the sad news via Instagram on May 1.

The statement read, “With completely shattered hearts and without knowing how we can possibly move through life without him, we are devastated to share that Jock passed away yesterday.”

Jock was 46 years old and, as confirmed by Victoria Police, his cause of death is not being treated as suspicious.

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