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The Block’s 2021 winner has been leaked!

The grand reveal may have come early.
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The Block Fans v Faves isn’t over yet, but fans are already convinced they know who will walk away with the grand prize after the final auctions.

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Dedicated Blockheads have flocked to Sportsbet to place their bets on the final bronze, silver and gold rankings.

Currently, the site lists married couple Kirsty and Jesse as claiming victory at the end of the renovation show, with odds of 1.44.

Taking the runner-up mantle is predicted to be returning contestants Ronnie and Georgia (with odds of 4.33), while identical twins Josh and Luke are listed in third place (with odds of 7.50).

Kirsty and Jesse are predicted to win The Block 2021, according to Sportsbet. (Credit: Channel Nine)

The predicted winners, Kirsty and Jesse, have been together since they were 16 and have been married for seven years.

In a recent interview with Woman’s Day, the couple spoke about their “humble beginnings” explaining that they never dreamed they’d end up renovating luxury homes.

“We weren’t homeless or anything like that, but as a kid you definitely know your parents are struggling with money,” Kirsty told the publication.

Ever the proud husband, Jesse got emotional when gushing about how proud he is of Kirsty, saying: “There’s a lot of people in similar positions who never get out of the rut.”

Returning contestants, Ronnie and Georgia, are listed in second place on the betting site. (Credit: Channel Nine)

As for the listed runner-up team, Ronnie and Georgia, they’re no strangers to The Block, having appeared on the show originally in 2017.

The fan-favourites left the final auctions in third place, taking home $161,000 from Elsternwick.

Considering they’re both professional renovators, and have had experience on the show, the Perth couple recognise the pressure is on.

“I want to do a really good job, and returning as all-stars brings even more expectation and pressure,” Georgia told Channel Nine.

After getting caught in a cheating scandal, Josh and Luke are predicted to take out third place. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Meanwhile, Josh and Luke have caused quite the stir during their stint on the renovation program.

The scandal started when the Sydney-based identical twins took photos of the show’s production schedule, which gave them the advantage of knowing which room they would have to renovate next.

When the brothers insisted that other contestants also used the schedule to their advantage but were let off the hook by host Scott Cam, the carpenter wasn’t too impressed.

“For them to say that, that sh*ts me up the wall,” the 58-year-old told Fitzy & Wippa on their NovaFM radio show.

“I’m scrambling to save my show because of what they have done. They knew all along what the schedule was… the ball is in their court, certainly not mine. Those boys are absolutely kidding themselves, fair dinkum.”

Ronnie and Georgia also hit back at Josh and Luke’s claims, insisting that while they did see a photo of the schedule, they “informed producers what had just happened literally 5 minutes later”.

So, at the end of this dramatic season, has Sportsbet correctly predicted The Block’s top three? We guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out.  

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