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The Bachelors recap: A contestant LIES to her Bachelor just so she gets a rose

“I’m incredibly angry…”
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From the get go, there’s drama in episode ten of The Bachelors. Some of the contestants are bitching about Jess and her open relationship. Abigail in particular seems bothered that Jess is still vying for Felix’s love despite having her boyfriend, Damien, waiting for her at home. It’s definitely (read: hopefully) foreshadowing a confrontation to come…

We then cut to Felix on a single date with Jess and he tells cameras that he just wants to have “fun” with her on this date as whenever they’ve spent time together in the past they always have really “serious chats” about her open relationship.

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They ride segways on the beach, drink champagne and have a great time. Just like Felix wanted. But then they end up talking about polyamory; surprise, surprise.

Jess does tell Felix that she can see herself falling in love with him though. Felix is clearly stoked Jess has told him this, and then he says to cameras that while he’s “scared” because he’s never had a woman tell him that before, he takes Jess’ confession as a challenge to prove to her that he’s the only man she needs.

“Jessica does have a partner at the moment and for her to say, ‘I think I could fall in love with you,’ is a special thing. It’s a bit of a fight for me to show [her], ‘Look, I can be all the parts of your current partner and a little bit more.’”

Thomas has his last single date before the finale with Kiki, and they go stand-up paddle boarding. Thomas confesses to cameras that he’s in love with so many “elements” of Kiki but there’s one thing holding him back: that she hasn’t been clear on whether or not she wants more kids in the future.

Jess tells Felix that she can see herself falling in love with him. (Credit: Ten)

“I don’t really have a defined vision of what our future could look like,” Thomas says.

Meanwhile, Jed takes Angela quad bike riding. On their date, Angela confesses “I’m falling in love with you.” And they share a cheeky kiss. Jed says he’s “over the moon” about Angela’s confession; it’s honestly a very sweet moment.

The next day, all of the Bachelors and their remaining contestants go and see a relationship counsellor. Felix in particular seems happy about this because he wants a straight answer from Jess about polyamory, once and for all.

“I want a monogamous relationship. I can’t be with someone who’s in a polyamorous relationship and I do really need to put my foot down and have that conversation with Jessica today. That this is a dealbreaker. And that boundary can’t be crossed,” Felix tells cameras.

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During their session, the relationship counsellor asks Jess, “Are you ready to end things with Damien?”

“I’m falling in love with Felix… As sad as this is to say, I am ready and willing to let go of that relationship with Damien because I want the option to explore things with [Felix] further,”Jess replies.

Felix then asks if Jess breaks up with Damien and commits to him, whether she would still want to have sex with Damien.

And Jess says no. Felix instantly smiles and is absolutely euphoric thanks to her response.

Jess tells Felix that she’s willing to break up with her boyfriend and be monogamous if Felix chooses her in The Bachelors finale (and he’s extremely happy about this revelation). (Credit: Ten)

“She’s given me her word, she’s gonna end the relationship with Damien,” Felix says to cameras with a grin.

The rest of the counselling sessions pass by without anything of note happening; aside from, of course, Thomas telling Kiki he wants kids. Although he worded it in an extremely strange way and said, “I would like that experience of, like, creating life from scratch.”

Kiki says she’s not sure whether she would want kids with Thomas in the future; she needs more time to get to know him. “There are no guarantees with me,” Kiki says. Thomas is clearly unhappy with this response but the session ends there.

And we flash forward to just moments before the rose ceremony. Abigail and Jess have a one on one chat with each other and Abigail asks how Jess is doing.

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And Jess makes a shocking confession.

“I still want Damien, I still love and care for him. It’s just if Felix and I are doing long distance, he’s in Melbourne and I’m in Townsville, like if we’re doing long distance, I don’t know how I’m going to go with no physical intimacy for that length of time [because] I find that I really disconnect from that person. And that’s why my ideal situation is maintaining a physical, sexual relationship with Damien, and Felix and I can continue to develop the physical and the emotional intimacy.”

So, the complete opposite of what Jess just told Felix in their counselling session… Did Jess lie just to get a rose or did she just suddenly change her mind???

Abigail asks whether Felix knows that Jess wants to maintain a sexual relationship with Damien, even if she’s the one he proposes to. Jess says no and Abigail is instantly cranky.

Abigail is furious when Jess says that her “ideal situation” is being with Felix but also maintaining a sexual relationship with her current boyfriend, Damien. (Credit: Ten)

Abigail then wisely tells Jess that she needs to be honest with Felix. Abigail then goes to vent to Krystal. “I’m incredibly angry. I think Jessica Navin is incredibly self-centred,” she says.

Abigail also shares with Krystal that while she believes it “isn’t her place” to say anything, she also thinks Felix deserves to know the truth, and therefore doesn’t know what to do.

We cut to Courtney pulling Jed aside and she says that while she does have feelings for Jed, she believes her feelings aren’t as strong as the feelings Alesia and Angela have for him and that she just wants to go home. Jed does tear up but he’s incredibly supportive and sweet towards Courtney’s decision.

The rose ceremony then (finally) begins. Obviously Jed, Alesia and Angela don’t need to participate anymore so Osher asks them to take a seat.

jess abigail krystal
Abigail feels conflicted about whether or not she should tell Felix about what Jess said before the rose ceremony… (Credit: Ten)

And some gossip is instantly shared on the sidelines… Angela and Alesia tell Jed what they overheard Jess tell Abigail about still wanting a sexual relationship with Damien, and Jed is shocked.

Thomas gives his two roses to Leah and Lauren and sends Kiki home; no surprises there, as he made it pretty clear he wants kids and she’s not 100% that she does.

Felix gives his first rose to Abigail and his final rose to Jess, meaning poor Krystal is sent home. And while we feel for Krystal, this means tomorrow’s episode will be absolute chaos!

Surely, Abigail or Jed will tell Felix that Jess is straight up lying to him about ending things sexually with her boyfriend Damien, right?! We guess we’ll find out when The Bachelors continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10Play.

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