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The Bachelors recap: A SHOCK triple dumping at a ‘twist’ rose ceremony

“I can’t lose you…”
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Episode nine of The Bachelors begins with Thomas, Jed and Felix having a heart-to-heart with Osher about the fact that they’re nearing the end and will soon have to propose to someone.

Thomas says he’s “in love with multiple women” but that it’s “a good problem to have”, whereas Felix and Jed aren’t so forthcoming on whether they’re ready to propose in just three episodes’ time.

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Moving on! During tonight’s episode, Thomas has a single date with Lauren, Jed has a single date with Alésia and Felix has a single date with Tilly.

During Thomas’ date he reveals to Lauren that he’s definitely going to propose in The Bachelors season finale but it’s not clear if he means that he’s going to propose to her specifically or just propose in general… At least we don’t have to wait long before we find out which lucky lady gets the ring off Thomas – AKA the only Bachelor this year who seems genuinely there for love.

During Jed and Alésia’s date, they climb the Q1 building and at the top (after Jed’s done freaking out about heights) the two share an incredibly sweet moment. “I can see myself falling in love with you,” Jed tells Alésia.

On Felix and Tilly’s date, the two go go-karting before Felix takes Tilly back to the Bach Pad. But unlike their last single date where they had a “soft porn” moment, Felix is determined to find out whether there’s a deeper emotional connection between them.

Thomas reveals to Lauren that he’ll definitely propose during The Bachelors season finale. (Credit: Ten)

But Tilly is annoyed that Felix is distant and doesn’t seem to want to get physical during their date. She confronts him and he explains that while he has the “best” physical connection with Tilly, he’s got better emotional connections with the other girls and he’s beginning to “cherish” those emotional connections more than the physical.

Felix asks Tilly to try and open up about her feelings but she finds it extremely hard; and so, Felix becomes worried. He tells cameras that if he can’t find an emotional connection with Tilly that “there’s really no point pushing forward”.

We then skip to the next day and the Bachelors ask their ladies if they want to do a dinner party all together. The girls obviously accept.

During the dinner, a game of Never Have I Ever breaks out but nothing of note is revealed. Sure, Bella does ask during the game if any of the Bachelors are planning on “doing a Honey Badger” but Thomas, Jed and Felix all say they’re not, so, to be honest, it’s an extremely boring game of Never Have I Ever.

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However, Abigail does bring up Jess’ open relationship by asking Felix how he feels about it now that he’s had time to process.

“An open relationship is not something I’m interested in,” Felix says flatly. Jess is somehow not listening to this conversation despite the fact that she’s seated next to Felix, so Krystal gets her attention and pulls her in.

The girls then intensely question Jess – clearly wanting Felix to realise he should send her home – and she’s forced to explain that she wants a partner who’s open to her potentially having sexual experiences with other men.

Felix seems put out by this revelation but doesn’t press the issue further. But Abigail is convinced that Felix should’ve pushed it further and potentially should’ve sent Jess home.

abigail felix jess
Abigail is not impressed by Jess wanting an open relationship with Felix, when Felix has made it clear he’s only interested in a monogamous relationship. (Credit: Ten)

“If Felix wants a monogamous relationship then Jessica Navin should go home,” Abigail says to cameras.

Osher then turns up and drops an absolute bomb. He announces that the Bachelors will only have one more single date each before the finale. He also reveals that, tonight, there’s a rose ceremony with a twist: during the rest of the dinner party, Felix, Jed and Thomas must give out three roses each.

Which means all three men will end up sending one girl home.

Thomas is the first to dive in and gives a rose to Lauren. He then quickly gives his remaining roses to Leah and Kiki. Jasmine, the only contestant to swap Bachelors, is then sent home. Thomas admits to cameras that she’s just not “The One” and hey, fair enough.

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Jed gives his three roses to Alésia, Angela and Courtney. Meaning Bella has to leave; but she handles it like a champ. And we have to admit, Jed’s goodbye to her is extremely heartfelt and kind. He tells her to never change because she’s an incredible woman.

We were slightly confused though when Bella told cameras, “I’m not ready to be a wife,” after she was eliminated, because why did she go on The Bachelors in the first place then? Maybe she was just putting on a brave face when she made that comment???

Felix shockingly gives his first rose to Jessica, even though he seemed really uncomfortable with what she said earlier at dinner about wanting sexual freedom. He then gives his second rose to Abigail, leaving Krystal and Tilly wondering which one of them will be sent home.

“You have to put your heart on the line babe,” Alésia wisely tells Tilly when she starts freaking out about not getting a rose from Felix.

the bachelors girls
Tilly is devastated when Felix doesn’t give her a rose; she breaks down while all the other girls console her. (Credit: Ten)

Tilly takes Alésia’s advice, pulls Felix aside and lays all of her feelings out on the table. Through tears, she says, “I can’t lose you”.

But Tilly should’ve admitted to having those feelings earlier, while on her single date with Felix, because he ultimately decides to give his final rose to Krystal, meaning Tilly’s sent home.

Tilly is heartbroken to be sent home; she immediately bursts into tears while all the other girls console her. When saying goodbye, Felix reiterates that he’s looking for a deeper connection and while Tilly is “beautiful” he’s ready for something more than just a physical attraction.

The Bachelors continues Tuesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10Play.

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