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Married At First Sight’s Shannon used to be an actor on Neighbours and Blue Heelers

And he’s not the only one from MAFS 2023 with a past in television…
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In the latest episode of Married At First Sight Australia, we meet Shannon Adams, a personal trainer from Victoria.

Shannon introduces himself and says that while he’s cheeky with a great sense of humour, he’s also shy. Shannon then admits, “I don’t like being in front of cameras.”

Married At First Sight first look

But we have to wonder whether Shannon was being completely honest when he made this confession, as New Idea has discovered Shannon used to be an actor. And, you know, actors typically love being in front of a camera…

Before entering the MAFS experiment, Shannon had roles in multiple iconic Aussie television shows. In 2005, he played Nick Thompson in Blue Heelers and in 2009, he played Craig Ryan in an episode of Neighbours.

Shannon also appeared in two episodes of Rush; but he played two different characters. In 2008, Shannon played ‘jelly shots guy’ in a Season 1 episode of Rush and in 2009, he played Max Spray in a Season 2 episode.

shannon mafs
Shannon told MAFS producers that he doesn’t like being in front of cameras but he used to be an actor! (Credit: Nine)

According to Shannon’s profile on Australia’s Elite Fitness Model, he also appeared in a “Kmart anti-theft commercial” in 2010.

It seems that Shannon was rather passionate about acting at one point; he even completed an acting course at NIDA – Australia’s prestigious performing arts school where the likes of Cate Blanchett, Mel Gibson and Baz Luhrmann trained – in 2009.

Shannon’s not the only Married At First Sight 2023 contestant to have appeared on television before though.

shannon mafs
Shannon has had a few acting roles. Pictured above is Shannon playing Max Spray in Rush. (Credit: Ten)

Alyssa, who married Duncan in the latest MAFS episode, once appeared on the popular show Judge Judy. In fact, New Idea reached out to Alyssa to talk about her stint on Judge Judy and she said it was over ten years ago, back when she was living in the United States.

“It was over a decade ago when I was living in California. I was the defendant in a lawsuit which JJ [Judge Judy] ruled the case to be thrown out. She was very intimidating, but I totally admire her success and her commanding presence in holding a room,” Alyssa told us.

In addition to Shannon and Alyssa, Adam, another contestant from this year’s MAFS, was a contestant on the UK reality show Coach Trip in 2017.

adam coach trip
Shannon’s not the only one with a TV past. Alyssa once appeared on Judge Judy and Adam competed on Coach Trip in 2017 (pictured above). (Credit: E4)

The fact that these three have all appeared on TV before, begs the question of whether they’ve gone on Married At First Sight for the right reasons. Are they really there for love? Or do they just want fame? Only time will tell…

Married At First Sight continues Sunday at 7.30pm on 9 and 9Now.

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