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The incredibly popular reality show Married At First Sight Australia is back for its 10th season in 2023.

And already the new season is living up to its addictive, drama-fuelled past seasons; for instance, in the very first episode of MAFS 2023, Bronte was shocked when she found out on her wedding day that her new husband, Harrison, had a 20-year-old girlfriend on the “outside”.

WATCH: Married At First Sight 2023 first look

Before the explosive dinner parties and commitment ceremonies begin though, it can be tricky to keep track of all the new brides and grooms. And so, to help you out, we’ve rounded up all the couples from Married At First Sight 2023 below.

Lyndall and Cameron

lyndall cameron
(Credit: Nine)

Lyndall and Cameron were the first contestants to tie the knot on MAFS this year. Lyndall suffers from cystic fibrosis and was told she probably wouldn’t live past the age of 30. However, thanks to a new miracle drug, she has a new lease on life and will likely live much, much longer; hence why she decided to find true love and gave the Married At First Sight experiment a go.

Cameron, the down-to-earth, cheeky and laidback carpenter, lives in the remote outback so went on MAFS because he had extreme trouble finding someone to share his life with; aside from his adorable blue heeler puppy, of course.

Lyndall and Cameron connected instantly and had an incredibly sweet wedding ceremony. The two bonded further during their wedding reception over their love of country music and similar senses of humour.

In fact, Lyndall felt such an instant kinship with Cameron that she decided to tell her new husband about her medical condition, even though she was worried he would freak out about it. But as it turned out, Cameron lost a friend to the same illness; it was a heartbreakingly beautiful moment but it definitely cemented these two as a MAFS couple who will likely stay together.

Bronte and Harrison

bronte harrison
(Credit: Nine)

Bronte and Harrison started their marriage off on the right foot but by the end of their wedding reception, things looked worse for wear. All Bronte wants in life is a loving relationship exactly like the one her parents, who have been married for more than twenty years, have.

Harrison also said he desperately wanted a long-lasting, committed relationship similar to the one his parents, who have been married for more than twenty years too, have. But that’s not the only thing Bronte and Harrison have in common though; they both said they put honesty, loyalty and trust above all else.

It seemed like a match made in heaven; until partway through their wedding reception when Bronte’s friend pulled her aside and told her Harrison apparently has a girlfriend waiting for him. The friend also claimed that Harrison told this girl he would be back with her as soon as the MAFS experiment ended.

There will definitely be some drama between these two during the rest of this year’s Married At First Sight season and it’ll be interesting to see whether Bronte and Harrison stay together or call it quits…

Sandy and Dan

sandy dan mafs
(Credit: Nine)

It’s a big call to make but we think Sandy and Dan will truly last! Sandy was extremely nervous about her Married At First Sight wedding; especially when she found out that her parents didn’t support the decision and refused to come. Sandy decided to stay strong and went through with it anyway.

Settling on a dress and theme that celebrated her Indian heritage, Sandy was extremely relieved when she first met Dan, as he was extremely supportive. And Dan was stoked as he quickly learnt that Sandy was a strong, driven woman; exactly what he was looking for.

The wedding reception went off without a hitch and the couple connected on many levels; in fact, Sandy felt so comfortable with Dan, she opted to share a bed with him on their first night as husband and wife.

Claire and Jesse

claire jesse mafs
(Credit: Nine)

Jesse came on MAFS because he’s always the wedding celebrant, never the groom. But he is extremely picky when it comes to women; he has a long list of “icks” that turn him off.

Claire, an extremely bubbly kindergarten assistant, just wanted someone to accept her and love her. And at first, it looked like Jesse was going to give Claire just that; there was instantly a spark between the two.

But that spark quickly faded. When Jesse found out Claire was into “star signs” he was immediately turned off as it’s one of his “icks”. And while he vowed to get over it, he then shushed Claire on their honeymoon which led to an intense standoff where Jesse basically said he thought Claire talked too much… Yikes.

Janelle and Adam

janelle and adam mafs

Janelle, a beauty and make-up influencer, decided to enter the Married At First Sight experiment because she’s had no luck with past relationships. Family is extremely important to Janelle and she really wanted to find someone who got the tick of approval from them.

Unfortunately, Adam, an ambitious “self-made entrepreneur”, did not make a good impression on Janelle’s brothers, Jordan and Josh. Adam mentioned that he had a “past” in his wedding vows and so Jordan and Josh were determined to find out exactly what he meant by that.

And as it turned out, Adam was engaged almost ten years ago but the relationship ended because he cheated. Jordan and Josh became extremely worried once they learnt this tidbit but, surprisingly, Janelle was pretty okay with it.

In fact, Janelle connected with Adam really well until she got hung up on the fact that Adam doesn’t really have a stable career. However, after a heated discussion on their honeymoon about Adam’s job and financial security, the two settled the issue and decided to move on.

It’ll be interesting to see if Janelle and Adam have to overcome any other roadblocks during their MAFS journey or if it’ll just be smooth sailing.

Tahnee and Ollie

tahnee ollie
(Credit: Nine)

Tahnee, 27 years old, and Ollie, 26 years old, are the youngest couple to ever join Married At First Sight Australia. Both of them are extremely sick of dating apps and just want something authentic and long-lasting, which is why they both decided to join the experiment.

It was honestly love at first sight for these two! Tahnee looked incredibly pleased and Ollie could not keep the smile off his face during their wedding ceremony. The two then bonded during their reception; so much that they slept together on their honeymoon.

“Me and Ollie were intimate last night, we felt like it was a nice natural progression of our connection and relationship. Um, and yeah, it just, kind of, just happened and we’re both really chuffed about it,” Tahnee told cameras. We have a feeling this MAFS couple is one that’ll last!!!

Caitlin and Shannon

caitlin shannon
(Credit: Nine)

Caitlin told Married At First Sight producers that she has “bad luck” when it comes to relationships but is hoping the experiment will change that.

She also hoped that she’d paired with a “cheeky” guy. Enter Shannon, who described himself as a “cheeky” guy. The two instantly hit it off on their wedding day, the two bonded over their similar senses of humour among many other similarities.

Unless something major rocks this couple, it looks like Caitlin and Shannon might go the distance.

Alyssa and Duncan

alyssa duncan
(Credit: Nine)

Alyssa and Duncan’s relationship thus far seems like something out of a fairytale. Alyssa even told MAFS producers, “Duncan is absolutely my real life Prince Charming,” after she met him.

Sparks flew immediately between Alyssa, who grew up in the United States, and Duncan, AKA the best looking MAFS groom of all time, and their wedding and reception was nothing but smooth sailing.

Seriously, the Married At First Sight producers showed us barely any of Alyssa and Duncan’s wedding because it was completely drama-free and so, instead opted to show us Harrison and Bronte and Jesse and Claire fighting on their respective honeymoons!

Melinda and Layton

melinda layton
(Credit: Nine)

Melinda and Layton were paired together by the Married At First Sight experts because they’re both driven individuals. They are also both CEOs.

But Melinda was not impressed by Layton when she first saw him; she thought he was “punching” as she believes she’s a “nine and a half on a bad day”. The two’s wedding day was filled with awkward moments: Melinda wiping off Layton’s kiss or Melinda thinking Layton was “fake” for offering her some of his chicken during the wedding reception, for instance.

Layton picked up on Melinda’s reluctance to let her guard down instantly though and has been giving her ample space. It’ll be interesting to see whether these two can actually blossom into a couple or not over the duration of the MAFS experiment…

Melissa and Josh

melissa josh
(Credit: Nine)

Melissa certainly is the most colourful bride that’s come on MAFS in a long time. Incredibly sex positive, Melissa was delighted when she met Josh during their wedding and couldn’t wait to get him into bed.

Melissa got her wish: the two had sex on their first night together as man and wife. But Josh lied to MAFS producers about getting intimate with Melissa.

When the Disney-obsessed dad was caught out, he did admit that he and Melissa did do the deed before explaining that he only lied because he was not comfortable sharing that information with the world; he wanted to keep that information between just him and Melissa…

We wonder if Melissa, extroverted and incredibly open about sex, and Josh, quiet and conservative, will be able to make their relationship work despite being polar opposites…

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