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Married At First Sight’s Harrison reveals he and Bronte are still together

He also said they've been living together "for over a month now..."
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Bronte and Harrison have had an incredibly tumultuous relationship on Married At First Sight Australia. After an incredibly rocky start, it looked like the couple would definitely break up. 

But Harrison has just revealed that he and Bronte are still together. He also claimed they’ve been living together for a month now. 

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While appearing on Today Extra, the MAFS contestant said: 

“We are in a good place. There are real feelings there and I introduced Bronte to my son which is a big step. I can see myself being with this girl long-term. There are a lot of questions about whether or not it is genuine. We have been living together for over a month now. That is just a natural progression of a relationship.”

Harrison did admit that he and Bronte “got off to a bad start”, clearly referring to the fact that during their wedding reception Bronte was told by her friend Jessica that Harrison had a girlfriend outside of the experiment. But Harrison blamed the “pressure cooker environment” of MAFS for their past issues and said that his relationship with Bronte was now “positive.” 

mafs bronte harrison
Harrison has said that he and Bronte are still together. (Credit: Nine)

We have to admit we’re a bit shocked by Harrison’s admission. Especially because Yahoo! reported on February 6 that Harrison was out and about holding hands with a mystery blonde woman who was obviously not Bronte… 

Plus, when Bronte appeared on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa on February 16, she spoke about the Married At First Sight episode where Harrison took a girl’s phone number and said that watching her initial acceptance of Harrison’s behaviour made her now feel like a “clown”. 

“You know, hindsight is a very beautiful thing. And I think people forget that I’m watching this back for the first time along with the rest of Australia. So it’s really upsetting for me to think when he told me about the number that I was actually happy about it. I know that sounds crazy. But it’s because I thought he was actually taking accountability and apologising for putting me in a position where I wouldn’t have to question his intentions anymore,” Bronte said before adding: 

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“Yeah, it’s actually upset me guys, like, watching this back last night. You know, like, it just sucks because I was so… I was stoked that he was actually- I thought we were turning a new leaf. And I’m like, everyone change my number in the phone to the clown emoji because I’m a bloody clown.” 

However, in the same interview, Bronte did say, “Oh, Harrison and I are still in contact,” when the hosts asked her when her last interaction with Harrison was. 

She also said, “Hey, I’m still wearing my ring. So who knows what happens,” when they asked her if she was currently seeing anyone… Was she hinting that she was still in a relationship with Harrison??? 

New Idea has reached out to both Harrison and Bronte to get to the bottom of this, so watch this space… 

mafs bronte harrison
Harrison also revealed he’s been living with Bronte “for over a month now.” (Credit: Nine)

Are Bronte and Harrison still together?

At this stage, Harrison has said that he and Bronte are still together.

Who is Harrison’s girlfriend?

Harrison has been adamant that he did not have a girlfriend before going on MAFS. He did admit though that he was casually dating Abby Miller but broke it off just before he married Bronte. Abby appeared as a contestant on The Bachelors earlier this year, vying for the love of Jed McIntosh.

What is Bronte’s Instagram?

You can follow Bronte from this year’s MAFS on Instagram; her handle is _bronteschofield.

What is Harrison’s Instagram?

You can follow Harrison from this year’s MAFS on Instagram; his handle is harrison_boon_.

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