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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Brent reveals the truth about him and Ella

“If we had been matched, things would’ve turned out amazingly.”
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If there’s one thing Married At First Sight fans want to see more than anything from this season it’s the coupling of Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Tamara and Brent clash on their wedding day

From the moment it was revealed that the two were spending time together outside of the experiment, fans have been lobbying for Brent and Ella, or Brella as they’ve been dubbed, to happen.

But it seems they’ll have to wait a while until that happens, as when New Idea caught up with Brent shortly after the season finished airing, he said there’s nothing between them just yet.

“Me and Ella have spoken, we are really, really close,” Brent told us. “We’ve had the conversation that if we had been matched, things would’ve turned out amazingly and we were a lot more suited.”

mafs brent
Brent has lifted the lid on his romance rumours with Ella. (Credit: Nine)

He went on to explain some of the reasons why the two haven’t gotten together romantically just yet, despite seeming like the perfect match.

“We’re not entertaining too much right now for the simple fact that Ella is still hurt, she’s going through a lot, and this has been a huge experience, so we’re not the types to try and jump in or just because everyone wants us to.”

“We are just spending time together as really good friends and if something happens, it does, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. We’re kind of open to both of it – there’s no pressure,” he added.

mafs ella
“We’re kind of open to both of it – there’s no pressure.” (Credit: Nine)

The groom went on to say that they only grew close once they left the experiment, as they were “so focused on our relationships and trying to do the right thing.”

“It wasn’t until near the end that we started talking and Ella had my back in letting me know – both Ella and Dom – that Tamara was speaking very ill of me at that ladies night,” he said.

“That friendship just built a lot more after that, and ever since we’ve been out, we’ve all had each other’s backs.”

mafs brent tamara
Brent and Tamara had a rocky relationship on the show. (Credit: Nine)

As for the failed relationship with his on-screen bride Tamara Djordjevic, Brent said that while he tried his best to make it work and keep it civil, things quickly fell apart.

“The final straw was trying to crack onto another husband,” Brent said, referring to Tamara texting her fellow co-star Mitch while still on the show.

“We know the intention, because she had already tried to do certain things during the experiment with Mitch and caused chaos between him and Ella before.”

mafs brent
It was revealed at the Reunion that Tamara had texted another groom. (Credit: Nine)

The certain things Brent mentioned included Tamara claiming at the hens’ night that she was happy to “steal someone else’s husband” if she wasn’t satisfied with hers.

“Ella had already known that and she had already had a doubt about Tamara as an individual because of that,” Brent revealed.

Then there was the couples’ retreat, where “Tamara made up a rumour that Mitch touched her a**,” while she was also “starting fights between Mitch and Ella for no reason.”

“There was all these things leading up to it so when it finally happened and now you’ve seen the rumours between them two after – it kind of just all made sense,” Brent said.

mafs ella mitch
There are also rumours that Tamara and Mitch (right) have coupled up. (Credit: Nine)

Despite their messy split, Brent said he did “everything in his power” to be a decent guy to his bride in the events afterwards, including sticking together and trying to do media interviews.

“But it took less than two weeks for her to turn on me,” he said. “I’ve been seeing that she’s still talking bad about me in interviews and still trying to make me the bad guy.”

“I don’t have anything to say to her. I just don’t respect her, respect the person that she is, enough to have anything else to do with it.”

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