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Harrison calls Married At First Sight “the hate on Harrison show”

“They don’t show me being compassionate as it doesn’t fit the narrative.”
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Another day, another member of the Married At First Sight 2023 cast taking part in a Q&A.

The latest MAFS alum to answer fans’ questions on Instagram is the undeniable ‘villain’ of this year’s season, Harrison Boon.

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And he’s not holding back; especially when it comes to his ex Bronte. Harrison has labelled her “fake” and has claimed she’s lied about multiple things…

When one fan asked, “Did you and Bronte have any good memories together?,” Harrison responded, “Yeah, some. But I know she was playing me, so now they just seem fake.”

He also said, “I started to see through Bronte. Her lies caught up to her,” when another fan asked, “What was the real reason you walked away at homestays?”

harrison story of bronte
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And when Harrison was asked, “Bronte claims she never told you that Claire was staying to redeem her image?,” he replied with, “Bronte admitted it to the group at the CC [commitment ceremony] when Claire and Jesse left. She has a proclivity to lie.” Ouch.

But Harrison didn’t just take aim at Bronte during his Q&A. He also called out the Married At First Sight producers and experts (and fellow contestant Claire) for hating on him and editing out his ‘compassionate’ side.

When he was asked who he thought the fakest cast member was, Harrison said, “Production.”

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Then when the 32-year old builder was asked, “What do you think about Claire?,” he said:

“She never did/said anything positive on MAFS. She was basically useless from day one. All she’s known for is cheating and putting sh*t on me. You can clearly see I’m asking for help and nobody, not even the experts, gave me any positive advice or feedback. It was the hate on Harrison show.”

“I was also a huge support for most people. I was there for Janelle just as much as Jesse but they don’t show me being compassionate as it doesn’t fit the narrative. They couldn’t hide it all though. You can see me swap places with Janelle so she didn’t have to sit with Adam. You can see me get up to support Josh, I was a big supporter of a lot of people on the show,” he continued.

harrison story of him and bronte
(Credit: Instagram)

Harrison also admitted to something that fans suspected near the end of this year’s Married At First Sight: that he just stayed on the show for “exposure”.

“Did you and Bronte stay each week just to stay longer and gain more exposure?,” one fan asked.

“In the end, I stayed for more exposure. Was it worth it? No,” Harrison replied.

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