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Olivia Frazer looks for a new job after being fired following her MAFS stint

"I’ll work anywhere that will give me a job."
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Olivia Frazer has revealed she’s on the hunt for a new job after being fired following her controversial stint on Married At First Sight.

WATCH BELOW: Olivia Frazer lashes out at Married At First Sight viewers

The teaching student revealed she’s “trying to get back out there in civilisation” after copping intense backlash from viewers.

“I think the backlash has died down, but having Instagram back I’m seeing [negative] comments and stuff… but I feel my skin is getting thicker. I’ve had a few job interviews, that haven’t gone the best – but that’s okay,” she said at the Celebrity Slim AU event in Sydney.

“I’ll work anywhere that will give me a job. Kmart, hit me up!”

“Every interview I’ve done has been fair, and I’ve had the interview based on my resume and merits, and I think I should have a job based on my skills and accomplishments.”

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Olivia said she’s willing to work anywhere that will hire her. (Credit: Instagram)

Olivia said becoming a teacher is still her “ultimate goal”, but that she doesn’t “know how to go into a classroom right now.”

“I’m definitely putting off my final placements for a while. I don’t know if any schools would take me this year… I won’t be putting myself out there to do that.”

During a recent Instagram Live session, Olivia said she is yearning to become a high school teacher.

“I want to be a teacher so bad, it’s my passion, I think right now it’s just gonna be more of a long term goal rather than a near future, which is a shame. But, it’s what happens,” she said.

Olivia said she wouldn’t have gotten through the backlash if it weren’t for Jackson. (Credit: Instagram)

The 28-year-old earned herself “villain” status after circulating rival bride Domenica Calarco’s nude OnlyFans photo and later admitting she had “no empathy” over her actions.

After Olivia and Jackson Lonie’s final vows episode aired in late March, the teaching student appeared on 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin, where she said the last few weeks have “been hell”.

“I’ve already lost my job as a direct result of this show,” she said, but didn’t reveal which role she had been fired from as she is not yet a fully qualified school teacher.

“I don’t [regret going on the show] as I’ve got some beautiful girlfriends from it.”

Olivia claimed she was more hated than Russian president Vladamir Putin after a petition called for her to face legal action over the photo saga.

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“I saw that petition, and it’s like – more people have signed a petition to have me arrested than to end the war in Ukraine. In Australia I feel like I’m more hated than Vladimir Putin,” she said.

“I hate that I’m the priority. That’s ridiculous.”

The petition in question received more than 123,000 signatures, while 2.7million people are currently supporting a total of 46 Ukrainian petitions on

Olivia revealed she’s had “three nice encounters” with MAFS viewers in public, but “a lot of awful ones”.

“I was in a bar with Tamara [Djordjevic] and a lady came up to me with a wine glass and said, “If I smash this, will I get a reaction?”‘ Olivia revealed.

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Olivia said she will eventually pursue a career in teaching. (Credit: Nine)

Olivia said Jackson has gotten her through her rough past few weeks, but admitted: “I’m a shell of a person, honestly.”

“Thank God for Jackson, as I would not have survived this without him, and my mum and brother. It’s been hell,” she said.

Public support for Olivia was waning following the couples’ retreat, where Olivia made a series of snide remarks while Domenica apologised for smashing a wine glass during an argument.

However, MAFS fans well and truly turned on Olivia after she admitted to sending around one of Domenica’s nude OnlyFans photos.

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