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Love Island Australia eliminations: the biggest bombshells of the show say their goodbyes

"Please pack your bags."
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The latest season of Love Island Australia, hosted by Sophie Monk, is now well underway.

This year, contestants have travelled to the Spanish island of Mallorca to find love, but just like previous seasons of Love Island, eventually they’ll be eliminated one by one…

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Read on to see who’s been eliminated from Love Island Australia 2022 so far:

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Al Perkins 

Al, 26, has had a big year in his search for love, first appearing on the Latest season of MAFS and now on Love Island. It looked like Al might have met his match on Love Island with a seemingly strong connection with Jess, however it doesn’t seem to have continued into the real world. 

Al was one of the biggest bombshells of the season and just missed out on the finale with Jess when he was dumped in last night’s episode. 

Who knows, maybe we will see Al on another dating show in the future. 

You can catch our exclusive interview with Al here. 

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Jessica Losurdo

Jess, 26, was one of the original islanders and came close to being in the finale of the show in her couple with bombshell Al. 

Jess struggled to find a connection at the beginning of the show but hit it off with Al when the MAFS star walked through the door. 

Although they seemed to form a strong connection in the villa, their relationship reportedly hasn’t worked in the real world. 

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Tina Provis 

Last year’s Love Island Australia winners Tina and Mitch entered the Villa as the most shocking bombshells of this year’s season. 

It didn’t take long for the ex-couple to rekindle their romance but unfortunately, they were unable to win the show for the second year running as they were dumped in episode 27.

As the couple left the island, Tina said, “I’m happy that we’ve found each other again, and I’m really happy that the other couples get to experience this because I know what that’s like.”

You can read our exclusive interview with Tina (and find out whether she’s still with Mitch) here!

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Mitch Hibberd

As explained above, last year’s Love Island Australia winners Tina and Mitch came back this season. 

And while they got back together, Tina and Mitch were ultimately dumped from the Villa in episode 27. 

Mitch joked as he and Tina left, “We’ve lived this, we have won it. It would have been nice to go back-to-back, I could have done with $25k!” 

You can read our exclusive exit interview with Mitch here (it’s definitely worth the read; he says he would do Love Island for the third time…) 

stella love island
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Stella Hutcheon

It’s the final countdown to the Love Island Australia 2022 finale! Which sadly means that two people went home in episode 26; one of those two being OG islander Stella. 

When Phoebe, Al and Tina received the most votes from the Superfans, they had to pick one couple to leave the Villa. Ultimately, they chose Stella and Hugh. 

Claudia broke down in tears at the news but Stella seemed okay; “I’m feeling content. Even though I’m crying I’m feeling good. I am okay that my journey has come to an end, I’m just going to miss it,” Stella said before leaving. 

Stella is a radio media coordinator from Brisbane, Queensland. Her instagram handle is @stellahutcheon and you can read our exclusive exit interview with her here

hugh love island
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Hugh Wilcox

Hugh only recently entered Love Island Australia as a bombshell with his twin sister, Mads. But his time on the island has already come to an end. 

As mentioned above, Hugh was eliminated with Stella after Pheobe, Al and Tina were forced to ‘dump’ one couple from the Villa. 

“We spoke about all the pros and cons, and you’re all amazing people who deserve happiness. It was a really hard decision,” Phoebe said right before annoucing that Hugh and Stella were the ones being sent home. 

Hugh is a 25-year-old business owner from Melbourne, Victoria.

jordan love island
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Jordan Dowsett

To no one’s surprise, in episode 25 of Love Island Australia, Jordan was eliminated. After his partner, Phoebe H left the island, Jordan had no one to couple up with as no new bombshells entered Love Island and no existing couples broke up… 

However, it was a tear-filled event. Everyone – Jordan included – starting crying when the OG Islander was dumped. Phoebe emotionally told Jordan, “I don’t want to cry… I just want to thank you, you’ve literally been the best friend I could ever ask for in here,” while tears rolled down her face. 

Jordan himself said in the Beach Hut right before leaving, “It’s a weird feeling, because I’m so happy but I’m crying!”

Jordan is a 25-year-old FIFO electrician from the Gold Coast, Queensland. You can read our exclusive exit interview with Jordan here

love island phoebe h
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Phoebe Han

Unfortunately, another bombshell has been asked to leave Love Island Australia. In episode 23, the Superfans gave Phoebe H the least amount of votes and so, she was eliminated. 

However, Phoebe H was more upset that Jordan, her partner, wouldn’t leave with her. “I’m not even sad about leaving here, it’s just more you,” she told him. 

Jordan was adamant that he was going to stay despite not having a partner. Stella was angered by this and told Phoebe H she deserved better… 

Phoebe H is a deli worker from Brisbane, Queensland and you can read our exclusive exit interview with her here

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Tak Chipangura

Unfortunately for Tak, Stella decided once and for all that she didn’t quite have the same feelings about their relationship. 

“I’m just not vibing it,” she explained. “I think after our couples’ therapy session today, I felt like we were on a different page. I don’t want to be faffing you around basically, so that’s why I think we should just be friends.”

“It’s a mature decision because to be honest, I feel like it was always one-sided because you knew how I felt,” he replies.

Just hours after he was dumped by Stella, he was then dumped from the island all together and Stella coupled up with the new bomb, Mitch. 

(Credit: Nine)

Vakoo Kauapirura

Vakoo made a splash on Love Island Australia as a Bombshell who came in and stole Callum from Layla. However, in episode 16, Callum broke things off with Vakoo. 

“I just think that things should move faster in here for me, I feel like it should be easy for me to bond and be sexually attracted… I tried, but it should be coming more natural to me and it’s just not feeling natural. Do you hate me?” Callum said. 

This meant that when it came to the Recoupling, Callum chose Maddy. Vakoo was hoping Tak would pick her but ultimately, he chose Stella and Vakoo was eliminated. 

Vakoo was born in Namibia and now lives in Sydney, NSW. Love Island Australia isn’t the model’s first time on reality TV though; she also appeared on The Bachelor in 2019.

ben love island
(Credit: Nine)

Ben Gleeson

Love Island Australia‘s 15th episode saw Jess and Al faced with a tough decision: they had to decide which couple was the least likely to fall in love. Eventually, they chose Ben and Stella. 

Ben and Stella then received a message that told them one of them would be eliminated; and they had to choose who. 

Ultimately, the couple decided that Ben would be leaving; just two days after he entered the villa. Through tears, he said, “I have enjoyed every single second in here, and I won’t forget any of you, either. It has been the blessing of my life, and I hope the best for all of your futures.”

Ben, who was once an accountant, is now a Sydney-based personal trainer. Ben also has ambitions to go into acting and politics.

love island layla
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Layla John

In episode 13 of Love Island Australia, Bombshells Phoebe H and Vakoo were given the chance to steal someone’s partner. Ultimately, Phoebe H chose Jordan and Vakoo chose Callum; leaving Stella and Layla single. 

A new Bombshell then arrived: Ben. And after going on five-minute dates with both Stella and Layla, he had to choose who he wanted to Couple Up with. He chose Stella, meaning Layla was unfortunately sent home. You can read our exclusive exit interview with Layla here

Layla is a 20-year-old from Melbourne, VIC. Currently, she’s a student/dancer and is the youngest Islander this year. Layla hasn’t really had a relationship before but she has a dry sense of humour and isn’t afraid to express her opinions.

Layla’s Instagram handle is @laylarubyjohn and her TikTok handle is @laylarubyjohn.

(Credit: Nine)

Holly Oakes-Ferguson

In episode 9 of Love Island Australia, Sophie revealed that the ‘Superfans’ have been voting and the contestants who had received the most votes (Stella, Jordan, Claudia and Austen) so far, had to decide who was going home.

Ultimately, Jordan and Austen had to choose between Holly and Bombshell Maddy and they sent Holly home. You can read an exclusive exit interview with Holly here.

Holly is a 25-year-old from Brisbane, QLD. Working as a customer service representative in the lottery industry, Holly hopes that she’ll find a man who can handle her confidence and lack of a filter.

Holly’s Instagram handle is @hollyoakesferguson and her TikTok handle is @hollzoakesferguson.

(Credit: Nine)

Conor Howard

Also in episode 9, Stella and Claudia had to decide whether to send Tak or Conor home. Eventually, the girls decided to send Conor home.

“This decision was not easy. You both have made a big impact and grown a lot… but there is someone we want to blossom more, and we think this experience will help him to blossom more,” Claudia said before revealing they’d chosen Tak to stay.

You can read an exclusive exit interview with Conor here.

Conor is a 26-year-old from Sydney, NSW. Conor’s a top real estate agent in Sydney’s Eastern and South Coastal regions and isn’t afraid to express his opinion as an ‘alpha male’. His Instagram handle is @conorhowardd and is TikTok handle is @conor.howardd.

love island andre
(Credit: Nine)

Andre Coutinho

Episode 5 of Love Island Australia saw the first recoupling as well as the first permanent elimination.

When Stella was asked who she wanted to recouple with, she broke down in tears; she’s been with Andre since the beginning, and while they’ve formed a strong bond, she ultimately decided to recouple with Jordan.

This meant Andre was sent packing and his time on Love Island Australia is officially over.

Andre is a 24-year-old from Perth, WA. With a psychology degree under his belt, Andre works as a mental health support worker.

Andre’s Instagram handle is @andrecoutinho__ and his TikTok handle is @andrecoutinho23.

(Credit: Nine)

Claudia Bonifazio

Kicking things off, episode 1 of Love Island Australia season four had a shocking elimination. When Holly was left without a partner, she was given the chance to steal. And so, she decided to steal Jordan from Claudia.

This led to Claudia getting eliminated; after Holly made her choice, Claudia instantly received a text that read:

“Claudia, you are now single and must leave the Villa. Please pack your bags and say goodbye to your fellow Islanders.”

Claudia is a 23-year-old from Adelaide, SA. She works as a medical secretary and while she says drama follows her everywhere, she takes no rubbish and will happily cut someone out of her life (even friends) if they treat her badly.

Claudia’s Instagram handle is @claudiabonifazio and her TikTok handle is @claudia_bon.

While Claudia was the first to be eliminated, it was revealed in episode two of Love Island that she wasn’t really sent home. In fact, she quickly returned to the island with two new contestants – Tak and Callum.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated on all Love Island Australia eliminations.

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