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EXCLUSIVE: Phoebe H spills the tea on Jordan, Callum, and how she was ‘struggling’

“I felt like I did deserve a lot better”

The superfans are at it again and this time their choices meant that Phoebe H was left packing her bags and leaving the Love Island villa. 

Although Phoebe said she was very ‘shocked’ to be leaving the villa, she said it was ‘definitely’ her time to leave. 

“I was honestly really struggling in the villa, in that environment it was really hard for me to be myself,” Phoebe said. 

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“There was just lots of big personalities.

“I think it was my time to go, as sad as it was.” 

Phoebe entered the villa as a bombshell and after getting to know the boys, she hit it off with Jordan and they decided to couple up. 

Although things were seemingly going well at first, that all changed on the truth bike where Jordan was brutally honest about his feelings towards Phoebe.  

“After the truth bike, a lot of his true colours started to come out.” (Credit: Nine)

Jordan ultimately said that he feels like there is something missing in their couple, that he couldn’t see a relationship on the outside, and that he wouldn’t have chosen her from the start – ouch! 

“After the truth bike, a lot of his true colours started to come out.

“I was blindsided and shocked that he didn’t see a future with me.

“I felt like I did deserve a lot better,” she said. 

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Phoebe said that her relationship with Jordan was one-sided and that he could have communicated his feelings more clearly because it gave her ‘hope’. 

Phoebe said her time in the villa was ‘challenging’ as she didn’t know anything about the ‘outside world’.

“We never knew the time, we didn’t know anything about the outside world, you’re just so isolated. They [the producers] tell you when to go to sleep, when to wake up, you’re always on edge because you don’t know what is going to happen.”

“It was challenging in terms of my mental health.” 

Phoebe said that her relationship with Jordan was one-sided. (Credit: Nine)

Phoebe said one of her highlights was coming in as a bombshell and spending her first night in the villa, even though she caused quite a stir with other islanders. 

“The truth or dare game that the boys planned, I think that was a highlight,” Phoebe said. 

“It was just like a game, it was fin and it was a good way to spend my first night apart from getting slammed for having no girl code.”

“At the end of the day I didn’t know the girls, it was my first night, I had no friends, and I didn’t know how strong the connections were. 

“Like causing that much drama on my first night…I dint expect that at all,” she said.

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Phoebe said that she is on good terms with her fellow islanders but if she could go back and do it again she would have coupled up with Callum as she said she would have had more fun. 

“I am single but I’m 100% open to finding someone,”

“Single and DM’s are open,” Phoebe laughs.

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