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Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Holly dishes on co-stars after being dumped

“The truth always comes out”
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Holly has had a rollercoaster journey in the villa from the moment she was left single and was forced to steal a boy from a couple. 

She coupled up with Jordan and was then interested in Al, before realising she and Conor shared a connection. But it seems their connection came at a bad time as they were both just dumped from the villa. 

New Idea caught up with Holly about game players, if she wants to see Conor outside the villa and what might be next! 

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“I did feel really shocked at the time, I wish I’d been in there a bit longer and I feel like if it was the girls picking, they would have picked me,” Holly said, referencing a twist that saw the men voting out a woman and vice versa.

Holly says that the islanders in the villa got the wrong impression when they first met her and thought she was “high maintenance”. 

“I think a few of them said that I was quite high maintenance when they first saw me and then got to know me and was like “Oh f**k you’re actually really down to earth”.

“Obviously I showed them my humour and once they saw that side it was like, ‘oh right she’s not like just the hardness that she’s actually quite funny’ as well”. 

Holly says that the islanders in the villa got the wrong impression when they first met her and thought she was “high-maintenance”. (Credit: NINE)

Holly said there was a spark with Conor from the start as he is a “good-looking boy but then he would open his mouth and I would be like ‘oh f**k that’, but then actually getting to know him, he really is a big softy that people don’t get to see.” 

Holly spoke very highly of Conor, saying that he is “ very loyal, very loving” but is she still interested?

“I would say no, just because like, I feel like my heart at the moment is quite closed off. It would take really the most stunning amazing man and my standards are if anything higher than ever.”

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We all remember that controversial moment when Holly stood her ground and choose to couple up with Jordan, which Holly says is one of her highlights. 

“I wanted to hit the ground running in that villa.”

“You can’t play it safe, you can’t, and I thought ‘f**k it I need to show I’m not going to play it safe’, I don’t want to play it safe and I don’t play it safe in my real life anyway.”

Holly added that “the truth always comes out in terms of people who are in there being game players” and that some people are just in there for a blue tick. 

“I wanted to hit the ground running in that villa.” (Credit: Instagram)

“I think people get influenced by the cameras a lot. But the truth will come out, the cream always rises to the top.”

Someone who isn’t playing a game, Holly says, is lovely Stella. 

“Stella absolutely deserves the entire world, what you see on that screen is what you get, and that is a bloody golden goose and I don’t think they’ve had anyone like her on the show ever before, and I wish her all the best,” Holly said. 

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