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Love Island Australia ‘is a scam’

Shocking new claims emerge.

It’s the controversial reality TV show which hasn’t been short of dramatic moments keeping fans tuning in.

But while Love Island Australia viewers are led to believe they get to see all the action that goes down in the sexy singles villa, we can finally reveal the shocking secret they have been trying to hide. 

Given two days freedom each week the stars of the show are allowed to spend time together outside of the villa without cameras tracking their every move. 

‘There is a lot of things that go on that never make it to air,’ says a former contestant who asked to remain anonymous.

‘Everyone lets their guard down when they know its not being recorded and things get pretty interesting.’

Without having to vie for attention in the hope of more screen time and higher votes contestants were far more ‘genuine,’ and the more reserved personalities felt able to ‘let loose.’

‘It’s like some of them are completely different people behind the scenes,’ they say. 

Spilling all the gossip the contestant also revealed that in a further shocking twist couples are ‘encouraged,’ to look each other up online with hopeful producers wanting to make the show even more entertaining.

‘No one knew each other before and a lot of people were able to keep their past a secret,’ says the contestant.

‘But once people got out producers were slyly handing them their phones to google and they didn’t always like what they saw. A lot of relationship problems stemmed from this.’

Revealing the islanders are able to leave the villa and explore the island our spy confirms that what we see on TV often pales in comparison.

‘It’s hard to believe but it often got wilder than the house,’ they admit. ‘There were some secret hook ups too.’

But blaming the meddling crew for causing problems with a string of couples including John James and Milly, Grant and Cassidy and later Cassidy and Jax the disgruntled reject says they were all left furious by the betrayal.

‘It just felt like we were all being used for ratings and it wasn’t fair,’ they say. ‘People really had their feelings hurt by it.’

And not only did it cause friction between new love interests but the spy also says that some of their fellow housemates used the information to make their way to the shows finals.

‘They could access fan forms and see who was liked by disliked by viewers and who they were backing,’ says the source.

‘That was an unfair advantage and there was a lot of arguments about it.’

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