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Keeping it in the family: Big Brother star Layla’s surprising reality TV connection

The Big Brother star's sibling has also appeared on a famous Australian reality series!
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You likely already know Layla Subritzky after her stint on Big Brother in 2012 as well as in the current season, but did you know her brother David also recently starred in a popular Aussie reality television series?

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It seems that reality TV stardom runs in the family for the Subritzys, with Layla’s brother David appearing in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! ‘s as fake influencer ‘The David’ earlier this year.

We first met Layla when she starred in season nine of Big Brother back in 2012, where she placed second in the competition. Now, the reality starlet has returned to the Big Brother house 10 years later for another crack at the crown as one of the season’s Royalty contestants alongside familiar faces Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer, Tully Smyth, Anthony Drew, Trevor Butler and more.

Layla has returned to the Big Brother house. (Credit: Seven)

Following her first stint on Big Brother, it seems Layla wasn’t the only one to be bitten by the reality TV bug, with her brother David famously posing as a fake celebrity shoe designer in the jungle on the most recent season of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

In a true I’m A Celeb twist, Channel Ten decided to send a non-famous face into the jungle in an attempt to trick the real stars, with the only contestant in on the ruse being MasterChef alum Poh Ling Yeow, who was tasked with aiding and abetting David as he spun his web of lies.

“The David”, as he was dubbed, managed to plant fibs to explain the origins behind his illustrious shoe designing career. According to the fake celeb during his stint on the show, he hilariously explained how his exclusive 8 Inch Daves were cemented in the fashion zeitgeist when American musician Cardi B wore a pair during her ‘WAP’ music video.

David starred as a fake celebrity on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! (Credit: Instagram)

Taking to Instagram at the time, David captioned a snap of himself ready for the jungle, writing: “Fake it til you make it I say! I’ve scammed my way into the [I’m a Celeb] jungle!!!”

“I personally think I’m good at bulls***ting, but this is gonna be the ultimate test.

“I”m gonna have to lie about my manager that I’ve never had, events that I’ve never been to, it is going to be so hard, but I’m ready to take on this persona – I am The David, it’s show time b*tches.”

The surprise twist proved to be a hit with viewers, with fans taking to social media to heap praise upon David’s undercover act.

“Love him already,” one viewer wrote, while another added, “I think The David is my favourite so far… and he’s not even a celebrity.”

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As for Layla, the bubbly Brit explained her reasons for returning to the show that put her in the spotlight, saying, “Redemption time. I want to show that my growth since leaving last time has been vast. I want to show that I can win and smash the challenges.”

She added that this time around, she’s going in prepared with a strategy to make her way to the top.

“I will be more aware of the game, I actually have a plan. I just wanted to have fun last time, meet boys and enjoy myself. This time I’ll be a little more focused. No more distractions. This time, I also want to win, I have my eye on the prize.”

It’s no surprise the Layla jumped at the chance to return, with the reality star describing her first Big Brother stint as “amazing”.

“I had just moved to Australia. Being inside the house taught me so much about the people here. I created incredible, lifelong friendships. I walked out with a different lens on the world.”

Big Brother airs Monday to Thursday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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