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House Rules: 2018 Winners Announced

Congratulations to the team!

Toad and Mandy have been named as this years House Rules winners!

After a gruelling four day challenge revamping each others front yards, it came down to a very close call by the judges.

The couples, who are both parents to two young children, were fighting for their kids and families. 

As the buzzer went to finish the four day renovation, an emotional Toad said, ‘I don’t think we could have done another thing baby. I’m very proud of us as a couple. We didn’t leave anything on the table and we gave it our all.’ 

Mandy, fighting back tears, said ‘It would mean so much for us to take out the win…hopefully we can do it for everyone out there, all the farmers.’ 

Over at Mel and Dave’s reno site, Mel cries: ‘The boys want to be just like their dad. We can have him home every day. I just want to see my boys.’ 

Fighting to win the $355,000, Mandy said: ‘This is our 11th reno and it doesn’t get any easier. We are fighting for a big prize here and everything we put in comes down to today.’

Dave concurred, ‘To win a Grand Final, you have to give it everything you’ve got to keep moving, you don’t stop,’ with Mel adding, ‘We didn’t come this far to just stop.’

In the end, Drew Heath gave Mel and Dave an 8, Laurence Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen a 7 and Wendy Moore an 8, giving them a total score of 23. 

Toad and Mandy were given a 7 by Drew, Laurence gave the team an 8, and Wendy gave the couple a huge 9, giving them a total score of 24.

The grand finalists were also joined by all the past contestants – Leigh and Kristie, Kim and Michelle, Jess and Jared, David and Chiara and Josh and Brandon. For more TV news, see below! 

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