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Everything we know about ‘family man’ Joe from Farmer Wants A Wife

"I don’t need someone to look after me."
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Farmer Joe is ready to find the perfect girl to take back to the farm on the latest season of Farmer Wants A Wife.

WATCH: Meet Farmer Joe | Farmer Wants a Wife.

Farmer Joe has already stolen our hearts with his charming smile and cheeky personality and we can’t wait to watch him find the love of his life. 

The 33-year-old cattle and sheep farmer is determined to restore his family farm back to its full potential, and he’s hoping he’ll have a partner by his side as he does!

Scroll on for everything we know about Farmer Joe.

Farmer Joe has an infectious personality. (Credit: Seven)

How old is Farmer Joe?

Farmer Joe is 33 years old.

Where is Farmer Joe from?

Farmer Joe is from Bombala, New South Wales.

What are Farmer Joe’s interests?

Farmer Joe loves horses; he loves everything from working with them to riding them. He is also a passionate rugby player and has a love for fishing, four-wheel driving and wild camping. 

Is Farmer Joe close with his family?

Yes! For Farmer Joe, family is everything. Joe’s mother, Dinah Coleman, was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and he was the one to care for her through it all… He even quit his job in Newcastle to move back home and care for her as she struggled through the illness. 

However, Joe would do anything for anyone in his family, even just cancelling plans to make time for them; He looks for this quality in his future wife. 

Joe shared this photo with his mum in July 2020. (Credit: Instagram)

What is Farmer Joe looking for in a partner?

Farmer Joe is looking for someone beautiful both inside and out. He loves a woman who is strong, independent, and confident in herself. “She should be my equal; I don’t need someone to look after me or mother me,” Farmer Joe’s description reads.

“Someone that fits into my life without either of us having to change and who can adapt well to farm life.” Perhaps he has already found that… 

Farmer Joe told our sister publication TV Week that he had a strong connection with one of the girls just two weeks in. 

“We had very similar senses of humor, she’s obviously a very beautiful girl, and I felt really comfortable and connected,” he told TV Week, referring to the special someone.

Farmer Joe loves to travel. (Credit: Instagram)

Does Farmer Joe want kids?

He does indeed! Farmer Joe wants a big family, however, right now he is just looking to find the right person. 

Farmer Joe is simply ready and determined to settle down with the right woman after having lived and worked around the world. He is looking for a simple life, and believes “love is the most important thing in life.” 

Five years from now he hopes to have his dream of sitting on a newly built home on his farm, right next to his wife. 

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