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Meet the handsome singles looking for love on Farmer Wants a Wife 2024

Five new farmers are sowing the seeds of love.
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Five brand-new farmers are gearing up to find love to last a lifetime in the upcoming season of Farmer Wants A Wife.

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Stepping into the fields of romance, these single lads hailing from all across Australia are eager to find a special someone of their own to share their lives with. And based on the teaser trailers of the 2024 season, something tells us all five farmers will end up with a bush fairytale of their own.

Over 17 years, the wholesome dating show has produced nine marriages – with the upcoming nuptials of Andrew and Jess from season 11 and David and Emily from season 13 soon taking this number to 11.

Each farmer will choose his top five from the hopeful group. (Credit: Channel 7)

Who is the host of Farmer Wants a Wife?

Speaking with our sister publication TV Week at the 63rd TV Week Logie Awards red carpet, in July 2023, host Samantha Armytage described the newly-cast farmers as “gorgeous”, also hinting at a “few new surprises” for the season ahead. 

“I can’t give away too much, but let’s just say we’ve already been inundated,” she said. 

“The single women of Australia love farmers. So it’s going to be a good season coming up.”

Scroll on to meet the Farmers looking for love in 2024…

Farmer Tom (Credit: Channel 7)

Farmer Tom, 22

Tabilk, Victoria

When Tom’s not busy throwing himself into cattle and crop farming, he can be found galloping around the state visiting horse shows or country music festivals. This season’s youngest farmer describes himself as “caring” and “supportive” when it comes to being in a relationship.

Tom adds he is happiest when making his partner smile, and believes there should always be room for “cheekiness and fun”

“I’m not an extravagant romantic but I get a lot out of small gestures,” he confesses. “I love to make dinner, grab a bottle of wine and head to the creek for a picnic at sunset.”

Farmer Dean (Credit: Channel 7)

Farmer Dean, 25

Kandanga, Queensland

Dean, a third-generation cattle and watermelon farmer, insists, “I’m a lover, not a fighter!” With a heart as big as his property, he hopes to connect with someone who is empathetic, kind and compassionate towards everyone.

Being driven and hard-working are also non-negotionables for Dean – so lazy ladies who insist on a lie-in need not apply! “Good communication is also very important,” he adds.

At the end of the day, Dean says getting married would mean “everything” to him. He admits that the thought of “waking up next to someone every morning” is just “fantastic.

Farmer Joe (Credit: Channel 7)

Farmer Joe, 33

Bombala, NSW

Home is where the heart is for Joe, who is eager to settle down with a wife and “paddock full of kids” after travelling the world playing ruby league. Now a cattle and sheep farmer, handsome Joe seeks an “equal” – someone comfortable in her own skin and who is “beautiful inside and out”.

“I want someone who is up for an adventure – and who also enjoys plenty of banter,” he shares. “Most importantly, I will always have her back.”

(Credit: Channel 7)

Farmer Dustin, 26

Condobolin, NSW

He may have his hands full with cattle, sheep, goats and crops. but Dustin is raring to add a missus and a few mini-mes into the chaos!

“I have great examples of loving relationships to look up to in my parents and grandparents,” he explains. “I would love that, too.”

Dustin believes “loyalty” and “positivity” are a recipe for success in relationships, and that “love is the most important thing in life”. The self-described “straight-shooter” hopes his future wife loves his dogs and the outdoors, like he does.

Farmer Bert (Credit: Channel 7)

Farmer Bert, 30

Wamuran, Queensland

Having always struggled with his words, Bert says his love language is acts of service. “I prefer to show how much I care through my actions,” the kind-hearted pineapple and dragon fruit grower explains.

“When I’m in a relationship, I will go to the ends of the earth for that person – as long as they are willing to do the same for me.”

Running his family’s farm is hard work and, until now, has left little time for Bert to find love. However, he remains hopeful that the woman of his dreams is out there – just as long as his Nana gets along with her! Bert admits, with a big grin, that “her disapproval could be a deal-breaker.”

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