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Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson defends Kerri-Anne Kennerley after fight with MAFS star Domenica Calarco

''I thought, ‘Oh s**t this is going to get ugly,’ and it did.’’
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I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! star Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson has blasted MAFS bride Domenica Calarco after her explosive row with the queen of the screen Kerri-Anne Kennerley. 

The former Australian Idol judge described Domenica as a “gremlin’” and revealed that the polarizing reality star called Kerri-Anne a c*** during their volatile exchange. 

“Obviously, they couldn’t put that to air on a Sunday night, But I’m certainly not going to take it to the grave,’’ Dicko exclaimed when speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle. 

WATCH NOW: Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s controversial comments about protestors on Studio 10. Article continues after video. 

The 60-year-old then went on to add whilst it was f***ing spectacular to watch Kerri-Anne and Domenica come to blows, there was plenty exchanged between the pair that didn’t make it to air.

“I wasn’t expecting it, Kerri-Anne wasn’t expecting it, and I’m not condoning that sort of foulmouthed behaviour, but if it is going to rear its ugly head, I’m just glad I was there.”

“It was bloody fantastic, and the best thing was it had nothing to do with me so I couldn’t get cancelled!’”

In an interview with following her elimination, Domenica confirmed that she did indeed use foul language, attributing her outburst to “sleep and food deprivation.”

“I haven’t spoken to her personally because I was in the jungle, but I had passed on a message to her,” Domenica revealed. 

“I have apologised for my language; it was unbecoming. I wouldn’t use that language, now that I’m fed.”

MAFS bride Domenica had an explosive row with Kerri-Anne Kennerley. (Credit: Channel 10)

Speaking of being “cancelled’” Kerri-Anne Kennerley received immense backlash from the Australian public following her three-day stint in the jungle, with fans criticizing her attitude and unwillingness to participate in jungle trials. 

Whilst other campmates kept their mouths shut, it was Domenica who snapped at Kerri-Anne after she became the only participant who refused to even attempt a food trial. 

“Miss big contract lady, ‘Can’t tell me what to do,’” Domenica mocked Kerri-Anne before continuing; “It’s not fair – it’s not fair to everyone in there who actually tries.’”

“Why are you here, bro? Legit, actually, why are you here?’’

‘Dicko’ says there was more to Domenica and Kerri-Anne’s exchange that didn’t make it to air… (Credit: Channel 10)

But Dicko says the backlash was unwarranted, revealing that despite her hefty $180k payday she received to appear in the jungle, and her contract clause that allowed her to bring in her skincare, haircare, and makeup, she had “no idea’” what she was getting into. 

“You’ve got to put this in context. Kerri-Anne comes from a different era, and I think in many ways she was a fish out of water on this show.”

Despite this, Dicko said Kerri-Anne didn’t need him to “defend her’’ due to her being a “tough bird.’’

“She got to the top of the pile in a man’s world on her own terms, and she will be able to move on from this,” he said. 

“She’s a lot stronger, but I think she’s been quite vulnerable because she’s gone through a really tough time.”

And I don’t want to see her upset, but I have to say she was poking the bear in that particular situation. Her tone and approach were bound to goad this girl who didn’t have a lot of restraint. So, I thought, ‘Oh s**t this is going to get ugly,’ and it did.’’

New Idea would like to note that Kerri-Anne was scheduled to appear in a golf tournament in Port Douglas, Queensland, on April 22nd, leaving us to believe that she never had any intention of sticking out the full few weeks in the jungle for her chosen charity…

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