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Shocking Celebrity Apprentice finale secrets exposed!

Drama is spilling well outside the boardroom.
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There has definitely been no shortage of drama in Celebrity Apprentice Australia’s 2021 season, and while the show has produced episode that are packed with drama, there are several moments and secrets behind the scenes that haven’t made it to air.

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1. Celebs torn apart by producers

The show was filmed last September while many social-distancing restrictions were in effect. And our on-set spy says this actually proved to be a blessing for busy producers.

“The cast kept trying to have tense chats off-air, out of fear of bad edits,” says the insider. “Of course, producers wanted it all on camera, and fortunately restrictions helped to keep everyone physically separated while on breaks.”

2. Cheating scandal REVEALED!

One insider says the more cluey celebs made sure to do their homework. “It led to rumours some may have been smart enough to prearrange big cheques for their chosen charities,” the insider tells.

“It’s vital to the show’s format to bring money in and fast – it was like having a superpower,” the source says, adding less-organised stars at times felt “cheating” could be afoot.

celebrity apprentice 2021
Since its premiere, The Veronicas have accused editors of portraying them as “brats”. (Credit: Nine)

3. The truth about The Veronicas

Despite telling a crowd of fans last week that Channel Nine were their new “enemies”, The Veronicas are said to have been given a heads-up about their villain status.

“They were totally aware that their bickering would be featured on the show,” tells a network insider. “They declared that was on-brand for them!”

Since its premiere, the pop twins have accused editors of portraying them as “brats”.

4. Lord Sugar in shock!

When a team loses a challenge, the team’s project manager must decide who returns to the boardroom with them to face the CEO, Lord Alan Sugar, and his advisers.

An insider says Lord Sugar was often left “astounded” by the decision-making.

“He made it clear behind the scenes that, if he had a choice to fire different people, some would have been given the boot much earlier!”

5. Celebs threaten to quit 

Facing the wrath of Lord Sugar is certainly no easy feat, and our insiders reveal some celebrities became so over it they threatened to quit! Thankfully, the producers constantly reminded them the show was for charity.

“It was common for the contestants to be constantly prompted by producers that they should focus on their charities,” shares a spy. “At times, the contestants would question if the show was even worth it!”

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6. Secret alliances

It was Survivor’s David Genant who was accused of sneaky tricks and strategy on set, but we’re told most celebrities felt there was a “secret alliance” between Nine’s golden girls, Shaynna Blaze and Martha Kalifatidis.

“They both had smugness, as if they would go all the way,” tells a source, who adds they appeared “overly familiar” with the crew.

7. Producer tactics

They’re the tactics usually reserved for the producers on Married at First Sight, but we’re told the celebrities were left hungry and exhausted during filming in order to create drama.

“The celebrities were always up early and shooting all day – the hours are very long,” tells a source.

“The general consensus from the cast was that they were the most interesting to producers when they were on edge!”

8. Makeup wars

According to a production source, some contestants were allowed more makeup assistants than others.

While the spy insists on staying tight-lipped about the divas, they hint: “If it was on-brand to your character or personality type to be flawless, you were allowed an entourage – take two guesses who!”

celebrity apprentice 2021
Lord Sugar said Shaynna had a “face like a slapped arse” after filming the show. (Credit: Nine)

9. Shaynna hits out!

Shaynna Blaze was forced to get stern after Lord Sugar recently made a crude comment about her appearance.

The British businessman said the interior designer had a “face like a slapped arse” during a recent radio interview, which didn’t sit well with the star.

“You can’t talk about people and their physical appearance in a derogatory way to get a cheap laugh,” she said. Lord Sugar later apologised for his words.

10. Big regrets

He’s amassed half a million followers on social media, but influencer Alex Hayes failed to impress and became Lord Sugar’s first casualty.

The 23-year-old surfer recently shocked fans when he blamed his age for his unsuccessful stint.

“It was inevitable for my age to be seen as a liability while on the show,” he confessed. “That’s one
of the only disappointing things for me from the whole experience.”

11. X-rated challenge

Episode 3 saw the celebrities tasked with creating an engaging tour of Sydney. But the task was overshadowed when a male prankster decided to expose himself while posing with the celebrities in a drone aerial photo on Bondi Beach.

As David handed souvenir photobooks to his castmates, Martha warned: “Don’t look too closely at the drone shot.” She added: “There’s a tiny little walnut just popping out of the edge of someone’s shorts!”

WATCH BELOW: Lord Alan Sugar stars in Celebrity Apprentice Australia

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12. All Stars is next

An opportunity for Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars is “absolutely on the cards”, according to a network insider, who says Nine’s bigwigs are very impressed with the attention around the new season.

“Ian Dickson, Sophie Monk and Gina Liano could be back in the boardroom sooner rather than later,” tells the source, who says celeb-themed All Stars shows have proven to be hits for other networks.

13. Why Mr Bouris really quit!

He played host on four seasons of Celebrity Apprentice Australia, but last week, businessman and charity CEO Mark Bouris finally revealed the surprising reason he decided not to return for the 2021 reboot.

“It’s not my thing anymore,” he explained, insisting that he would “rather help people” than “fire them”.

14. Miss MoneyPenny takes the catwalk

Thanks to her incredible gowns and sassy moves on the show, Lord Sugar’s EA Miss MoneyPenny quickly became an unsung hero.

Since launching herself on TV, the star – who New Idea revealed to be working model, Natasha Young – has upped her career. Earlier this month, she walked in Australian Fashion Week.

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