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The truth about Brooke Blurton and Nick Cummins

Everything you need to know!

Brooke Blurton was considered ‘the one that got away’ on The Bachelor 2018 as she controversially left the show after Nick Cummins failed to express how he felt about her.

Now that she will be starring in Bachelor In Paradise in 2019, let’s take a look back at Nick and Brooke’s relationship, and learn a little more about the reality star.


How old is Brooke and where is she from?

Brooke is just 23 years old and hails from Perth in Western Australia. She is an Indigenous youth worker who first caught Nick’s eye early on in the season of The Bachelor Australia and won the coveted Bachelor Key which gave her access to the Honey Badger’s bachelor pad.

How did Brooke leave The Bachelor?

She was hotly tipped to win Nick’s heart, but after her sisters told Nick she had been hurt in the past during Home Town week, he struggled to tell her his true feelings and was concerned about hurting her.

Is Brooke bisexual?

Brooke also admitted to Nick that she is bisexual and has had three previous relationships with women.–DAMI4/

Brooke’s sad backstory 

Brooke also revealed on the show that she had a turbulent upbringing with her mother committing suicide when she was young.

“I grew up in a country town in Carnarvon. I spent my childhood there up until I was about 11, when my mum unfortunately passed away – she committed suicide,” she previously admitted.

“That was a hard time, living in Carnarvon with my mum and nan, losing mum, and then nan actually passed away a month later.”

“Growing up was pretty complicated. [there was] a lot of drug and alcohol violence in my childhood and I had an older sister who suffered from schizophrenia,” Brooke added.

What is Brooke’s job?

But Brooke says her difficult childhood and her role as a youth worker helps her become a mentor to youngsters.

“I am a role model or a mentor for young girls and boys as well, especially being Aboriginal. There is a bit of pressure with my job that I have to maintain a really positive outlook on life and that’s what I’m trying to encourage to young Aboriginal youth,” she says.

“We have been through some stuff and you go through some stuff but you can be a role model for other youth that are coming through which is what I’ve tried to implement myself.”

Does Brooke play football?

As well as being a youth worker, Brooke is also a keen footballer. She’s played for Swan Districts Football Club, rugby league for South Perth and union for Nedlands.

Brooke admitted that she went on The Bachelor in the hope to find someone as unique as she is.

“I’m different, I know what I need and it hasn’t been that easy trying to find that,” she said.

“It was also about putting myself out there and being vulnerable in situations which I’m not very good at but I tried my best. The Bachelor you walk away with what you want to walk out of it with – whether you come out with him or you’re single.

“I’m single but I’m also happy.”

Did Nick and Brooke kiss?

Despite leaving Nick, Brooke admitted that she was very fond of the Honey Badger.

“I did really really like him. And I could see a lot of potential in the relationship,” she told Fitzy and Wippa. “But it was a case of me thinking I didn’t know what he was feeling.”

When she was asked if Nick was a good kisser, her response was “uhh, yeah.”

Is Brooke on Instagram?

Yes, her Instagram handle is @brooke.blurton

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