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The interview question that left The Bachelor’s Brooke SPEECHLESS

After her shock exit, the brunette has us talking.

Brooke Blurton left Australia reeling when she walked out on Nick Cummins during a shock exit.

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Now, in an interview with Fitzy and Wippa following her rejection of the Honey Badger, the 23-year-old had some interesting things to say.

The radio personalities casually dropped the question as to whether Brooke thought she was Nick Cummins ‘real favourite’.

The brunette was lost for words and squirmed as she struggled to find an answer to the question.

Wippa then remarked that the youth worker may have made it to the end of the line had she not left.

‘Let’s say right now that the Bach isn’t with anybody. There’s a fair chance he would have chosen you – you would have been the winner,’ the radio star said.

‘I don’t really like to say “winner” because I don’t want it to be that level of game – we’re talking about the heart here – but you would have been the chosen one.’

Nick Cummins Brooke Blurton
The brunette made a shock exit on Wednesday night’s episode. (Credit: Ten)

Brooke was then asked matter-of-factly, ‘Were you in love with him?’

‘I did really really like him. And I could see a lot of potential in the relationship,’ she answered indirectly. ‘But it was a case of me thinking I didn’t know what he was feeling.’

When she was asked if Nick was a good kisser, her response was ‘uhh, yeah.’

Sorry Badge, looks like you’ll need more than honey to woo your winning lady!

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