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Here’s everyone who has received a golden ticket on Australian Idol

Meet your top 30 performers.
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The stakes are higher than ever before for wannabe singing superstars looking to take their career to the next level by winning Australian Idol

WATCH NOW: Marcia Hines performs live on Australian Idol in 2004. Article continues after video.

With only 30 golden tickets to the next round of the competition on offer, eager auditionees are putting everything on the line in an attempt to prove to judges Amy Shark, Kyle Sandilands, and Marcia Hines that they have what it takes to win the iconic reality television singing competition.

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Scroll on to meet all the contestants who have progressed through to the top 30 on Australian Idol in 2024. 

TJ Zimba. (Credit: Channel Seven)

TJ Zimba

He’s soulful, he can sing and he produces his own beats too, so it’s no wonder the judges were left more than impressed by TJ’s audition of Location by Khalid – so much so that this Karraka local became the only performer to get a golden ticket in the audition round to head straight to Idol HQ.

“I’m most excited to show people why I do music, the reason I got into music and how I actually perform and portray that as an artist,” he said.

Chenai Boucher. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Chenai Boucher

Returning to Australian Idol for round two after a failed audition in 2023, Chenai redeemed herself with a rock-heavy rendition of River by Bishop Briggs.

“You’ve changed, you’ve learned from last year and you’ve adjusted. You’re excellent,” an impressed Kyle told a nervous Chenai who went on to describe her golden ticket as “the best thing ever.”

“I’m back because I believe in myself, hopefully this year is a new opportunity and opens some really big doors,” she added.

Imogen Spendlove. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Imogen Spendlove

This 23-year-old factory worker from Melbourne blew the judges away with her cover of I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston – so much so that a moved Marcia told Imogen that she could be “the next Australian Idol.”

“You have a god-given voice,” she added with fellow judge Amy complimenting the singer for her breathwork and control.

Eli Paar. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Eli Paar

Initially auditioning alongside his two brothers and cousin with a group performance of Story Of My Life by One Direction, only Eli progressed through to Idol HQ, the Brisbane local thanking the judges for giving him a chance to shine.

Kobe White. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Kobe White

Initially nervous, 23-year-old Victorian singer Kobe overcame his performance anxiety and impressed the judges with his rendition of Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. 

“I did not see that coming,” a stunned Kobe shared with Ricki-Lee after progressing through to the next round.

Kiani Smith. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Kiani Smith

17-year-old Kiani from Bribie Island in Queensland was one of the youngest to audition this year on Australian Idol. But what she may lack in experience, she makes up for in talent – something that was made clear with her performance of 2002 by Anne Marie. 

“We really believe in you and think you have what it takes to make it right to the end,” Kyle shared with her as he handed her a golden ticket, adding that he was shocked that she was “that good at this age!”

“The feeling of being one step closer to [being] Australian Idol is amazing, I can’t believe I made it this far,” a thrilled Kiani then told the cameras, a huge smile adorning her face.

Olivia Britton. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Olivia Britton

Rocking out onstage to the iconic pop anthem I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry, it was clear that Olivia had star quality, Kyle and Marcia both telling the 23-year-old from Victoria that she well and truly deserved her place at Idol HQ.

Prayer Corby. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Prayer Corby

From the moment 23-year-old Prayer opened her mouth and began singing Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone, it was clear to the judges that she had a beautiful voice.

Hailing from the regional Northern Territory town of Humpty Doo, she was visibly stunned to receive a golden ticket, telling the cameras that she was “just a little bit in awe of it actually. I did not expect it.”

“You are an amazing artist, I have tears in my eyes thinking about what you do. I love the whole vibe,” an impressed Kyle shared with the aspiring singer.

Denvah Baker-Moller. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Denvah Baker-Moller

Described as an “Aussie Taylor Swift” by the judges, this Rockhampton native beat out four fellow country singers who were shortlisted to secure her own golden ticket to Idol HQ thanks to her rendition of Pony by Kasey Chambers. 

“You deserve it, you really have a good chance of taking this right through,” an impressed Kyle told the 23 year old country music star on the rise after she was told the exciting news.

Jackson Smith. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Jackson Smith

25-year-old tradie dad Jackson put his heart on the line with his performance of Eyes Closed by global superstar Ed Sheeran, his masterful managing of his vocals securing him a spot at Idol HQ.

Gab Hester. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Gab Hester

With a signature raspy voice that is sure to set him apart from the competition and an “awesome tone”, we are sure this 18-year-old’s vocal talents will continue to wow us following his initial audition of Men at Work classic Down Under.

Jess Chalmers. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Jess Chalmers

This backing vocalist was jumping for joy when she found out her cover of Domino by Jessie J had secured her spot in the next round of the competition. 

“Knowing that I’m in the next stage is unreal and I’m just going to have to keep working my tail off,” she told the cameras after hearing the happy news.

Jet Cameron. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Jet Cameron

For young and talented high school student Jet, his life was made when he was joined by This City singer Sam Fischer. 

It was an added bonus when he was told he would be progressing in the competition to Idol HQ.

Isaac McCallum. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Isaac McCallum

For trolley pusher Isaac, being handed a golden ticket following his performance of Something in the Water by Scotsman Lewis Capaldi marked a significant shift in his life, especially considering he had spent the better half of 2023 homeless.

“Thank you so much guys, I feel like crying. I am 100% ready to stop pushing trolleys and I’m ready for that big stage,” he shared with the judges after hearing the happy news.

Jesse Lazaroo. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Jesse Lazaroo

From the moment this wildcard singer from Perth sang Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars, it was clear to Amy (and the remaining judges) that Jesse had what it takes to be a star. 

“Thankyou guys so much,” he shared. 

Kym Miaco. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Kym Miaco

Singing in the same church in Adelaide that former Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian hails from, it was clear Kym had star power with her performance of Pretty Young Thing by pop legend Michael Jackson.

Bethany Byrne. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Bethany Byrne

For single mum Bethany, her journey to the Australian Idol stage was over a decade in the making. 

Putting her dreams on hold to raise her now 10-year-old daughter, now was her moment to shine, and shine she did with a soulful performance of I Won’t Let Go by Rascall Flatts. 

“I thought I was going home, I want this really, really bad and to have it come back was really amazing,” she tearfully shared with host Ricki-Lee after finding out she was going to Idol HQ.

Jonathan Wells. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Jonathan Wells

This self-taught singer and dancer proved he was the whole package with his energy-filled performance of Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. 

“I need to be in this industry, in this world. I have to, it’s my calling,” he told the judges.

Drea Onamade. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Drea Onamade

From the moment Marcia told Drea her cover of American Boy by Estelle was “really cool” it was clear she would be one to watch. 

“I think what you did was done with heart,” the judge added, handing a golden ticket to a speechless Drea.

Jake Carlson. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Jake Carlson

After judge Kyle described Jake as a “genuine class act” following his rendition of I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz, it was clear Jake would be progressing in the competition. 

“This golden ticket to me means that I can reach more people through my music,” a visibly excited Jake shared after being handed a golden ticket of his own. 

Amy told him that she would even buy “every single ticket” to any show he played in the future and “buy any album.” 

Saorirse Harding. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Saorirse Harding

From the moment Saorirse opened her mouth and began to sing I Love You by Billie Eilish at her audition, it was clear she was destined for big things. 

“Your vocal ability, the way you perform, the way you engage with the audition, your presentation, your all round aura, the willingness to listen and learn that to be is everything an artist should be,” Kyle told a stunned Saorirse. 

“I’m so happy, I can’t stop smiling,” the talented singer replied.

Trent Richardson. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Trent Richardson

22-year-old Queensland camel farmer Trent impressed the judges with his emotional cover of Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. 

Despite not having much experience singing in front of crowds, his talent was tangible, and he was handed a golden ticket.

“Not for a second I thought with all the talent I’ve heard and seen that I’d be holding one of these. It’s a long journey to go but I’ll give it a red-hot crack anyway,” a shell-shocked Trent shared after hearing the happy news.

Tyler Hammill. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Tyler Hammill

This former surf lifesaver from the Sunshine Coast proved he had what it takes to win Australian Idol with his performance of Lonely Boy by The Black Keys. 

“Well done buddy, you’re a sick artist, we’re thrilled to have you. What a little star,” Kyle told the 21 year old when he revealed Tyler was moving on in the competition.

Cynthia Negash. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Cynthia Negash

After her soulful rendition of Etta James classic Somethings Got A Hold On Me, and a follow-up performance of Diamonds by Rhianna, it was clear 19-year-old Cynthia was destined for Idol HQ. 

“Music has just been so much to me and I’ve never believed in myself to do it and I think this is the first time im actually putting myself out there literally to the world and saying this is who I am, this is what I want to do. It’s paying off, it’s unreal and it feels incredible,” an emotional Cynthia told the judges after receiving her golden ticket. 

“I never thought a piece of cardboard could mean that much,” she added, with Kyle being straight with her: “How could you not know how good you are?”

Natasha Rose. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Natasha Rose

This budding pop singer looked every bit the part as she auditioned in front of the judges with a carefully choreographed performance of Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez. 

“Thankyou for believing in me,” the 19-year-old gushed when she found out she was progressing through to the next stage of the competition.

Amy Reeves. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Amy Reeves

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as 24-year-old Amy from Broome performed for the judges, and shared the special connection she shared with Marcia through her late father, who had worked alongside the gospel icon prior to his passing. 

“He championed me. Sadly, he passed away when I was 15. I know he’s always with me. I can feel his presence when I am singing,” she admitted. 

Whilst judge Amy Shark described her audition as “incredible” Kyle said he wouldn’t be surprised if her rendition of (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman took her to the top five.

“I can’t find it. I’m super, super grateful. I come from a super small town and have to fight for every opportunity I get and I’m so glad I fought for this,” a thrilled Amy told the cameras after being told the happy news.

Billy Menhennet. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Billy Menhennet

As Marcia’s wildcard entrant from Ballarat, Billy had plenty to prove when coming face to face with remaining judges Amy and Kyle. 

And with his powerhouse performance of Zach Bryan’s Something in the Orange, he cemented his place in the competition.

“I feel like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” a visibly shocked Billy told the cameras after he was told the exciting news that was getting a golden ticket.

Ripley Welsh (Credit: Channel Seven)

Ripley Welsh

From the moment 19-year-old pub singer Ripley started singing the iconic ABBA hit Mamma Mia, it was clear that he was a star and well deserving of a golden ticket. 

Dylan Wright. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Dylan Wright

After his emotional acoustic rendition of Crowded House classic Better Be Home Soon which we lovingly dedicated to his late mother, there wasn’t a dry eye in the Australian Idol audition room.

“That was so beautiful. I don’t usually cry in the presence of other men, but what a sweetheart you are. I loved it,” Kyle said of Dylan’s performance. 

Amy added that she believed Dylan was a “freaking superstar!” 

“You’ve got everything: a kind heart, a great performer, and you’ve got a look.”

After being given a golden ticket, a teary-eyed Dylan said he hoped his mum was proud, and that “she’d be stoked” with his success so far.

Ivana Ilic. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Ivana Ilic

20-year-old Ivana wowed the judging panel with her soulful cover of Alicia Key’s I Got You and then doubled down with her follow-up audition of When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars. 

“Ivana, the thing we really like about you is that you are naturally just there, you’ve got flavour. You’ve got the swagger we’re looking for, you know who we are,” Kyle told her as he gave her a golden ticket to the next round of the competition.

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