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EXCLUSIVE: Australian Idol’s Angelina Curtis on following in Delta Goodrem’s footsteps

"We have so many similarities! I really hope I'm following in her footsteps."
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As the youngest contestant in the Australian Idol Top 12, 15-year-old Angelina Curtis is ready to make it big. Labelled “hard to beat” in her Top 50 audition, it’s no surprise the young songstress has made it so far in the competition.

Leaving as a member of the Top 8, Angelina has had quite the Idol journey. Most loved for her piano + vocal performances, she was also the recipient of Harry Connick Jr.‘s ‘Touchdown’, granting her an instant spot in the Top 12 of the competition.

WATCH: Angelina Curtis performs ‘As It Was’. Article continues after video.

With her last major performance being one of Delta Goodrem‘s classics, Born To Try, the young artist has left the competition off the backs of a personalised video message from her hero.

Airing on Sunday night, during her preparation for her ‘Hero’s Week’ performance, Angelina received well wishes from none other than Delta herself.

With major aspirations regarding her acting, singing, and song writing career, the Year 10 student is ready to make the most of the opportunities Australian Idol has granted her.

New Idea sat down with Angelina to discuss her future acting and singing projects, her appreciation for Harry Connick Jr. and her Delta Goodrem-esque career goals.

Angelina left as a member of the Top 8. (Credit: Channel Seven/Instagram)

How are you feeling, Angelina? Are you satisfied with your Idol journey?

I have no regrets! Honestly, it was such an amazing experience. I’m very grateful for it [Idol] and it’s such a launching pad. I’m really happy with the way I went out and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Speaking of the ‘launching pad’ that Idol is, what are your plans post-show?

My acting stuff is always in the background. I’ve got something brewing which I can’t really talk about yet!

The opportunities that Idol has granted me are just invaluable so I’ll definitely get some new music released now that I can.

Stay tuned! There will be a lot happening, which is great.

You’ve also been able to receive mentorship from some big names in music. What was it like working with the Australian Idol judges and who do you think made the biggest impact on you?

Harry Connick Jr. (who gave me the Touchdown) is my favourite. He’s such a genuine person and he sees that I genuinely love music and how happy I am on the stage.

I got the opportunity to have a chat with him after the after the show and he said some wonderful things. He was saying that it’s definitely not the last that Australia will see of me and he’s definitely going to see me down the line. He gave me such great advice and he’s very encouraging.

Kyle is also incredible. I love how he has no filter and just says what the audience thinks and I just think it’s brilliant. I think being brutally honest is sometimes necessary. His feedback alone has been so beneficial for me in terms of helping me grow and progress throughout the competition.

It’s amazing you’ve been able to get that really valuable feedback. You also got a little something from Delta Goodrem! What was it like getting a video from one of your heroes?

That was awesome! Honestly. Because she even reposted my Story and it was crazy because we have so many similarities. 

Delta Goodrem reposted Angelina on her Story with the caption, “You were wonderful tonight…goooo Angelina xxx” (Credit: Instagram)

She used her acting money to record her first new song when she was 13 and I did too. For me, acting and music go hand in hand and Delta’s got such a brilliant path, so I really hope I’m following in her footsteps because she’s had a great career.

I’ve had a great experience and I really hope this doesn’t stop. 

How about your relationships with the other contestants? What were they like?

Every single contestant that’s gone through Idol so far has been incredible. The Top 12… We will all be friends for life.

It doesn’t feel like a competition, we’re all in this together. 

I think I really connected with the younger ones too. For the under 18’s, it’s a tricky thing [the stress and filming schedule] to navigate as a 15 year old, especially because I’m the youngest one here.

And who are you hoping takes out the Australian Idol crown?

I really hope Josh does. I think Australia needs someone who knows the industry already, is a musician, and understands music and how to communicate with the band or label. He’s such an incredible person. So, I’m gunning for him to win because he has the experience and I think he won’t crumble under the label of ‘Australian Idol winner’. 

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