The ultimate hack to becoming an organised mum

Say bye-bye to household chaos.
Mikki & Me

Being a mum is no easy task and one of the greatest challenges many mothers face is maintaining a sense of organisation amidst the chaos of daily life. From juggling your kids’ extracurricular activities, and their casual jobs that you seem to be doing all the running around for, to managing general household chores all while trying to find the time for yourself, the demands can often feel overwhelming.

What if we told you we have the answer to achieving an organised household with one simple hack? Mikki & Me’s personalised wall planner is the answer.

As we’ve established, being a mother comes with an endless list of things to do – appointments, kids sports, music lessons, birthday parties, cleaning the house, making dinner, taking the pets to the vet… it doesn’t end there.

Designed by parents for parents, Mikki & Me have created the ultimate hack to becoming an organised mum – your own personalised acrylic wall planner that’s reusable month after month. 

The monthly wall planner is perfect for households of two to eight people. Whether you’re a single mum or have a full house, this wall planner can be completely personalised to suit your needs.

(Credit: Mikki & Me)

How can I personalise my wall planner?

  1. The first step is selecting how many people you have living at home; you can select anywhere from two people to eight people.
  2. Next, is choosing your background. The website provides a curated library with various choices to have as the background of your wall planner, or, you can upload your own image.
  3. The third step is customising the title of your wall planner. The website suggests naming it after your family name, such as “The Smith Family”, however, you can change the title to whatever you would like (you can even change the font).
  4. As for the footer, the website suggests having the bottom section titled “what’s up next?”, however, you can also change this to whatever you would like!
(Credit: Mikki & Me)

How has it helped other mums?

The Mikki & Me wall planner proves to have helped various mothers around Australia have a more organised day-today life.

“The monthly planner has helped me to organise and remember everything. I was trying to remember everything on bits of paper, my phone and in my head. It was terrible and stressing me out. Having a beautiful planner up on the wall, which my husband can see and help out with too, has helped a lot. I feel less overwhelmed and burnt out,” one mum said.

“The acrylic wall planner has been a great addition to our home. It helps manage our busy family schedules effectively, reducing the sense of overwhelm significantly. The added feature of the family photo as a backdrop is a lovely touch. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to test this before launch,” another reviewer revealed.

One wrote: “I had the opportunity to test this prototype acrylic wall planner. The layout is clear, and it features each member of our family, so everyone is included. It’s been very helpful in keeping track of our daily commitments. It’s a solid product that deserves five stars.”

Where can I shop the wall planner?

The Mikki & Me personalised wall planner is available via their website, starting from just $157.

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