Hack reveals how to dry your clothes when it’s raining

No more wet clothes.

Are you one of the many NSW citizens without a dryer that is about to be swallowed by your own laundry pile?

If you answered “Yes!” Then rejoice, because someone has finally found a solution.

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Thankfully the solution doesn’t involve laying your clothes dangerously close to the heater (don’t do this), paying for a laundry service, or bathing in Rexona and hoping no one notices that you’re re-wearing before washing (please don’t do this either).

In fact, all you actually need is a towel – makes sense, after all, they are made for drying!

US TikToker, Neat Caroline, has shared her laundry hack that should have your clothes dry in a few hours. And it’s so easy.

First grab a clean dry towel and lay it out flat.

Lay your towel out flat
Lay out your towel… in your hallway if you need. (Credit: TikTok)

Next lay out your wet clothing item, Caroline uses a t-shirt in the clip, at the base of the towel.

“Then we’re going to do the burrito method,” explains Caroline.

Roll your clothes up like a burrito.
Roll your clothes up like a burrito. (Credit: TikTok)

Basically, you roll your garment up in the towel. Making sure to keep it nice and tight.

“Then you’re going to press down on the towel with your knees to really wring out the moisture,” Caroline says.

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After that, pop it on your clothes horse or the back of a chair to finish drying. Caroline promises it should only take one to two hours!

If you need your item dry ASAP, you can take to it with a hair dryer. Again, lay your garment out flat and go over it evenly with the dryer. Keeping it flat should help you avoid stretching out any elastic parts like collars and sleeves. 

While perfect for all of us struggling with that La Niña weather pattern at the moment (how dare it rain in winter!?), it’s also a great hack for when travelling – since most hotel rooms will have towels and a hair dryer.

Some other ways to help your clothes dry quickly include using the high spin setting on your washing machine (don’t do this to your more delicate items) and shaking/wringing your clothes out before laying them on the drying rack. 

Or for a completely bonkers suggestion from WikiHow, use a salad spinner. If you do try this please let me know how it goes.

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